We all love to dote on our fur babies! After all, who deserves a trip outdoors more than man’s best friend? Pinellas County is no stranger to dogs and their beloved owners, and has several dog parks, trails, beaches and more open to your precious pups! These places allow your dog to stretch his or her legs while you take in the world around you.

Achieva Paw Park - Dunedin

If you live in and around Dunedin, and your heart rests in a pair of playful paws, you’re in luck! Take your furry friend to the new Achieva Paw Dog Park, just opened as of February of last year! With separate fenced-in areas for both small dogs, and large ones, and a cleanliness policy that keeps the park beautiful for everyone! Bring your pooch to play today!

Happy Tails Dog Park - Dunedin

Looking for an accessible park that your canine comrade will love? Happy Tails Dog Park in Dunedin, Florida is the place for you and your pooch to be! With scenic surroundings and plenty of shade, your four-legged friend will not be left panting in the Florida heat! With plenty of water bowls and kiddie pools to fill with a hose, your canine can remain comfortable while they play. Happy Tails Dog Park has two separate areas for dogs one for pets weighing under 30 lbs. and one for more. They will enjoy obstacle courses and more as they sniff out new friends! The dog park is open from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Call for information at (727) 812-4531!

Honeymoon Island State Park - Dunedin

Dog parks are probably your canine friend’s favorite place to go, but what about a beach? Honeymoon Island Park and Dunedin Beach is a beautiful place for you and your canine to explore! With a place to go shelling on the Southern end of the beach, you can take in the beauty of Dunedin’s waters, while bringing your four-legged friend with you! Your dogs are also welcome on the nature trail, surrounded by beautiful pines for 2.5 miles of exercise! Take your dog to Honeymoon Island and enjoy.

Enterprise Dog Park - Clearwater

Enterprise Dog Park in Clearwater is a beautiful place to take your four-legged friends! Completely free, and open to off-leash roaming, this scenic and shady area is the perfect place for your dogs to explore! Water bowls are available throughout the park to make sure that your pup isn’t parched, and there are plenty of benches for humans as well. You’ll find plenty of obstacle courses to keep your dog entertained, not to mention lots of other pups to socialize! The park is well-maintained and kept clean to ensure the safest experience for you and your dog; it is open from 7 AM to 8 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with Mondays starting a little later at 9 AM and Fridays beginning at 11:00 AM! 

Freedom Lake Park - Pinellas Park

If you’re looking for an expansive dog park that will allow your pup to broaden his horizons, Freedom Lake Dog Park in Pinellas Park might be just the place for you! With a large fenced in area for your furry friend’s protection, your dog can enjoy roaming around and playing on an obstacle course, while you are free to have a seat and relax. With gorgeous fountains just outside the enclosure, you and your dog can enjoy a day of relaxation, complemented by a beautiful view! True to its name, the park is home to a lake that looks breathtaking at dusk! Bring your buddy and your camera to this beautiful park soon.

Crescent Lake Park in St. Pete

Perfectly picturesque and fitting for two-legged as well as four-legged kids, Crescent Lake Park is a beautiful spot for the whole family to enjoy! You can walk your dog around the vast and glittering Crescent Lake, or take them to the dog park uniquely designed for them on the eastern side! With beautiful and lush greenery, as well as safe fenced-in areas for them to play, your dog’s tail will be wagging. Bring a ball to play fetch. Whatever you and your pooch decide to do, St. Pete has you covered for a day full of fun!

Follow the rules, and everyone has fun!

  • All dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the park.
  • Park closes at dusk.
  • Handlers are limited to 3 dogs.
  • Dogs shall be wearing a tag on their collar at all times.
  • Dogs in heat are prohibited.
  • The handler must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted without a responsible adult.
  • The handler must control their dog and attend to it at all times.
  • The handler must carry a leash with them at all times while in the park.
  • Handler is responsible for picking up and disposing of their dog's waste in designated receptacles.
  • No dogs under four months of age. Check with your veterinarian before introducing a new puppy to the dog park.
  • No aggressive dogs.
  • Handlers must stop their dogs from digging and are responsible for filling any holes their dog makes.
  • No excessive barking.
  • No bathing of dogs within the park.
  • No food or smoking within the fenced area.

For more information on Dog Park Etiquette visit 7 Guidelines That Will Make the Dog Park Fun

Anderson Dog Park - Tarpon Springs 

Tarpon Springs has a little oasis for you and your dogs in the form of A.L. Anderson Park. With a beautiful wooded area that has accommodations for both small and large dogs, you can enjoy the idyllic outdoors while getting your four-legged friend to stretch their legs. You can even have lunch together at their picnic tables. This park has dog-level water fountains for your buddy to stay cool.

Bicentennial Park - Oldsmar

Oldsmar accommodates your fur-baby in beautiful Bicentennial Park. A large and clean place for your pups to explore, it's filled with park benches as well as jumps. With a gorgeous view of the water, you and your best friend will have plenty of things to do and see!

Boca Ciega Millennium Park - Seminole

Need a great place for you and your pooch to relax? Boca Ciega Park in Seminole is sweet. Here your dog can enjoy 15 acres of space where they are free to play off leash and have access to amenities like cooling stations and water bowls! There’s plenty of shade trees, not to mention agility courses for dogs needing exercise, as well as benches for you to relax.

Chestnut Park - Palm Harbor

If you’re looking for a scenic dog park for you and your panting pal to visit, come to Palm Harbor’s beautiful Chestnut Park. This natural setting has an area just for you and your best friend. With Lake Tarpon right next to it, you and your canine companion will be able to witness the beautiful outdoors as well as plenty of waterfowl that frequent this idyllic place. There’s plenty of space to explore as well as dog showers and water fountains.

Dog Bone Run - Largo

If you’re looking for a fun experience for you and your dog, come to Largo’s Dog Bone Run, a beautiful and spacious park creatively shaped into a dog bone for you and your pets. With a fence that accommodates both small and large dogs, you can rest easy while your buddy explores the scents. If you have more than one dog, worry not, because you can bring up to three with you. Dog Bone Run takes their name very seriously and prides itself on being an off-leash park, so be sure to have voice control over your dog at all times! See what everyone is barking about, and visit Dog Bone Run in Largo!

Eagle Lake Park - Largo

If you’re looking for a place of natural beauty to explore with your dog, Eagle Lake Park soars above the rest. With separate areas for both small and large dogs, your furry friend’s safety is ensured, with lots of shade and amenities such as water bowls, water hoses, and small dispensable bags for any messes your little buddy might leave. Eagle Lake Park is made up mainly of restored wetlands, so you and your dog can witness beautiful wildlife, small birds, and turtles. Eagle Lake Park is where you can enjoy Florida’s raw beauty as you let your pup play!

Walsingham ParkLargo

Walsingham Dog Park in Largo will have your dogs rushing to get their leashes! With two areas designated for small and large dogs, many breeds are met here having fun in a safe environment. Doggie bags are provided to keep the park beautiful and clean. The small dog yard is equipped with benches so that owners can rest and read a book. This is a great way to socialize your young puppy or get your seasoned pro out for some exercise. There are plenty of water bowls around, as well as tennis balls for your buddies to play. What are you waiting for? Have fun!

Fort De Soto Park -Tierra Verde

Everybody loves a relaxing trip to the beach! Now you can bring your best friend with you! Fort De Soto Dog Beach is one of the few beaches around that allows your four-legged friend to romp and play with you in specific areas! With water bowls and bags handy, this beautiful white-sandy beach is the perfect place for you and your canine companion. Kick back and relax in your beach chair as your best friend explores and swims the crystal blue water. Be sure to bring plenty of water to keep you and your pawed pal hydrated, and visit the washing station before you leave to get the sand out of their coats! Enjoy one of the area's most exquisite features, the beach, with your dog!

North Shore Park - North Shore

If you’re looking for dog Park with a great sense of community, as well as the amenities your dog may need, come to North Shore. Divided into areas for small dogs, and large dogs, this park places high importance on peaceful interactions for all! With dog bowls, a dog washing station, and a place to charge your phone, you and your dog can enjoy a beautiful beachside view, thanks to the location of this beautiful park. A favorite hangout for the pups in the community, make sure your dog is well socialized and ready to make new friends! There’s also plenty of shade to keep the temperature down!

Sand Key Park - Sand Key

If you love the beautiful barrier island that is Sand Key, then this park will leave your buddies barking with joy! A relatively large park with designated areas for small and large breeds, enjoy lovely sunsets in this park as your pup plays. Watch your friend sniff the surroundings and keep themselves fresh, thanks to the complimentary water bowls and washing station! Be sure to clean up after your furry friend, because everyone deserves to see this park in its natural beauty. You and your dog will love this beautiful beachside park!

Lake Vista Park St. Pete

Do you have a dog yearning for exercise? Why not take them to Lake Vista Park in St. Pete. A large fenced in area with lush grass is there to greet you, with plenty of benches and shade to keep you and your dog out of the Florida sun. Dog bowls, a washing station, complete with a hose, and even a charging station for your phone is available for your use. You and your dog are in for a good time at this dog park. Be sure to abide by the park rules and clean up after your dog.

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