If you are looking for some fun things to do in St Petersburg, look no further. It doesn't matter if you enjoy the arts or crafts in St Pete, or both, the solution is Painting With A Twist. It's exactly as fun as it sounds. Everyone loves to create something beautiful as a piece of art. You can do just that at Painting With A Twist. Perhaps you are looking for something unique and a little different than just going to a movie and dinner. Maybe you are celebrating an anniversary and want to try something new. At Painting With A Twist, you can create your very own masterpiece that you paint yourself while having fun as well. Paint the night away while enjoying your favorite drinks and relax with the company of friends or just that one special someone. 

We all have busy lives these days, and it's so important to take and make time for what truly matters, like quality time with the ones we love. What could be more enjoyable quality time than relaxing and creating something together? It could be a girls night out, an office party, a date night, or even just because. Whether you are a seasoned artist or have never painted before, you are welcome to come and have fun all the same. You won't find any stuck up socialites here, we are just a group of folks that love to have a great time. In fact, our atmosphere here is quite casual. You can sit peacefully while you paint or get up and dance to the music as you create your very own work of art. 

While we do love having fun, we are also very experienced and professional artists. Here, you will be guided in a way that is fun, informative and inspirational. So the next time you want to have coffee and talk with a friend, why not try this instead of the same old coffeehouse? Oh, and we even provide the coffee! It's a great way to catch up with someone in a new and much more fun way. There's no doubt you will truly enjoy your time here as you learn step by step how to complete your painting. If you have any questions, we are always here to help you all the way. 

Oh, but let's not forget the kids! Next time you are looking for kid-friendly things to do, give this a try. All children love to paint and be creative. Family Day is the perfect time to bring the children out so they too can show off their artistic skills. It's fun, educational, family oriented and will even get your kids off those electronics for a bit, it's truly a win-win.  Painting With A Twist recommends children 7 years and older for Family Day classes. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash