Work potlucks are fun! These occasions are perfect to mingle with your co-workers and enjoy well-cooked meals for free!

However, with a number of people in attendance, it often gets difficult to decide on a potluck dish. After all, you don’t want to show up with a half-baked pie or bring a dish nobody wants to eat! 

Foodies across the world suggest that the best dishes for a potluck at work are the ones that are easy to prepare and simpler to serve. Moreover, they should have a wide appeal, classy presentation, and ease of transit. That said, we have some handy tips for what to bring to a potluck at work:

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Top Ideas for Potluck at Work

Place Your Bet on Themed Food

Is the potluck themed around a cuisine, such as Mexican, Italian, or BBQ? If so, you could opt for a dish that fits the theme. 

If it’s a Mexican-themed potluck, you could make tacos, enchiladas, or quesadillas. If it’s a Mediterranean-themed potluck, you could make hummus, tabouleh, or feta shrimp skillet. 

If it’s a BBQ-themed potluck, it is good to bring burgers, hot dogs, or ribs. Whatever the theme is, make sure your dish fits in with the others.

Appetizers For Win

Appetizers are always the most loved contribution of a potluck. So why not make this contribution? 

Bring anything you love, from cute mini cheeseburgers and savory cranberry meatballs to flavorful and customized charcuterie boxes. You can get your delectable charcuterie boards from Graze Craze with everyone’s favorite crackers, olives, dips, cheese, berries, pickles, and salted nuts. 

Try Salad Supremacy

Yet another popular option for potlucks is green and healthy salads. 

Salads are a great choice because they’re easy to make in large quantities and are usually crowd-pleasers. You can make a traditional green salad or mix it with pasta, fruit, or vegetable salad. Ensure to provide dressing or topping options so everyone can customize their salads. 

Mainstream Delicious Goodness

If you want to go for some main dishes, you have a variety of options to choose from. Some popular potluck dishes include make-ahead fajitas, pasta, lasagna, brisket sliders, or sandwiches. These dishes can be easily made ahead of time and don’t require much prep work. 

Consider having some vegetarian and vegan options available.

Go Uniques!

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try something a bit different? 

For instance, you could make a unique dip, like a seven-layer dip or a spinach and artichoke dip. Dips are a great way to add flavor to a dish without much effort. Just make sure to provide a variety of chips and vegetables for dipping. 

Or, you could bake something like a sheet pan pizza or pizza monkey bread. 

Sweet Treats

No potluck is complete without a few sweet treats. If you want to try your hands, you could bake some cookies or cupcakes.

Homemade dishes always stand out and make great conversation starters. If not, you can always grab a few boxes of donuts or a delicious cake from your local bakery. This way, everyone will have something to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

Drinks are a Must!

If you’re like us and think no party is complete without drinks.

You can treat your work mates with a pitcher of sangria or a batch of margaritas. Beer bottles can also make a great choice. You can also include simple yet satisfying beverage options like lemonade and iced tea to keep everyone hydrated. 

Potlucks present a great opportunity to bond with your managers, colleagues, and juniors and show off your culinary skills. To make a great impression, bring enough food to feed everyone and the necessary items to help everyone enjoy your dish.

With these few tips, you’ll be sure to make your potluck a hit!

Hope this post will help you decide on your perfect potluck dish. Keep visiting our 727area guide for more value-loaded content!