Walsingham Park is one of a handful of fun and free recreation destinations in the Largo area, but stands on its own when it comes to its 354 acres of scenic land surrounding the one and only Walsingham Lake.

This natural getaway of a city park in Largo provides residents and visitors alike with a quaint, relaxing, and scenic outdoor environment unmatched by many other places in the area.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy a handful of recreational opportunities Walsingham Park can provide including hiking, jogging, cycling, and more along the 6-mile nature trail that snakes around the park; enjoy a picnic out in the open air or under one of their big picnic pavilions (with grills); get fit in their 10-station fitness area; or just kicking back with a rod and reel and fishing on Walsingham Lake.

Walsingham Park attracts over 700,000 visitors each year easily making it one of the most popular parks in the 727 area.  This could easily be due to its beautiful, natural setting rife with indigenous animals including tortoises, hawks, mottled ducks, herons, wrens, thrashers, warblers; and an assortment of butterflies species including swallowtails, sulphurs, gulf fritillary, Carolina satyr, white peacock.

Walsingham Park also features an ample dog park perfect for anyone who wants to bring along their four-legged friends and provide an awesome, fun time for them.

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