Largo is a beautiful city filled with plenty of places to visit and things to do. It’s also home to Largo Central Park, a 70-acre open space that features playgrounds, workout equipment, and an incredible variety of plants and trees. The park has something for everyone, both locals and tourists. The Rainbow Rotary Playground in Largo Central Park is also one of the only playgrounds in the county that’s completely accessible to disabled users.

Largo is the fourth largest city in the Tampa Bay Area. Named a National Arbor Day Tree City 28 years in a row, it’s internationally recognized as a tree-friendly community, and Largo Central Park in the heart of the city is the perfect place to appreciate its local vegetation. There are also hundreds of wildlife species such as birds, otters, red foxes, and alligators that inhabit the area. People of all ages can enjoy the different playgrounds, picnic areas, and open expanses for practicing sports or sitting back and relax. 

Another one of the park's cool features is the Largo Central Railroad, which takes you around the grounds on an incredibly detailed miniature locomotive. The train runs the first full weekend of each month, and you can find it by walking up to the train station as you enter the grounds. It's fun for all ages and one of the best ways to start getting to know the different sceneries of the park!

There are many other highlights Largo Central Park has for its visitors, like an area dedicated to the service of the United States’ Armed Forces, a few sculptures of playful children, and even the Central Park Performing Arts Center. You can also appreciate the park's local market, which is held right next to the cultural center two Saturday’s a month and offers fresh food and produce from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

If you want to spend a day surrounded by nature and fresh air, Largo Central Park in the city of Largo is the place for you. Don’t hesitate to take your family, your dog, or just a good book to enjoy your day. Learn more about things to do in the Tampa Bay Area by signing up at 727area!

Photos provided by Scott Conlon