What is a fun, healthy, and inexpensive activity that moves both your body and mind muscles at once? Disc Golf!

If you’re bored of playing golf with balls and clubs, a flying disc is a fun alternative. St Petersburg and Clearwater in Florida have courses of all kinds and sizes. Mark your calendar for a disc golf day and spend a fun afternoon with your friends and family!

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Best Disc Golf in St Petersburg & Clearwater

Azalea Recreation Center: If you’re trying your hand at disc golf, Azalea Disc Golf Course is designed specifically for youth and novice players. This relatively small park has a course of nine holes, each of varying lengths. Spend fun times here with your friends — it stays open from sunrise to sunset.

Cliff Stephens Park: Managed by the District, Clearwater’s Cliff Stephens Park is a heaven for disc golf enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Spread over 44 acres, it has trails for bicycling, hiking, and inline skating. Have a fun day picnic at the second oldest course in the state!

Maximo Park: Bookmark this one right away, disc golf lovers! Not every area has a 70-acre oceanside park, rejoicing disc golf players. With all the vegetation, some parts of the course are hard to find, making it more challenging. The park also features a covered playground, boat ramps, and an Indian midden site. 

North East Coachman Park: Designed out of Florida wilderness in an open-spaced picnic facility, North East Coachman Park proudly possesses an 18-hole course. It has mostly flat & moderately wooded terrain with multiple concrete tees. 

Tocobaga Disc Golf Course: If you love a challenge, Tocobaga Disc Golf Course can deliver an adrenaline rush for you. An 18-hole course is famous for its 3 water holes, two of which have a special place in the hearts of pro-level players. Built around the canopies of exotic plants, the course will make you appreciate its unique shots.