Are you all set to gulp down kegs of green beer and wear a shamrock on your lapel?

When in St Pete, you'll notice that the grand holiday of St. Patrick’s Day is an exciting one! Its beautiful traditions and bizarre superstitions add to the charm and exquisiteness of the holiday.

In today’s blog, let’s explore all the popular St. Patrick’s Day traditions and superstitions and celebrate the day in Irish style!

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Popular Irish Traditions and Superstitions for St. Patrick's Day

Wear the Right Green

Irish traditions believe the green color brings good luck and prosperity. So when you step out for a bar crawl at The One Night Stand or Park & Rec in Downtown St Petersburg, don’t forget to wear green. And not just any green — it must be dark, forest green — do remember.

The Lucky Proposal Day

Are you finding the right time to propose to your lady? St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect occasion, as men are encouraged to propose to women. The twisted part is if the woman refuses the proposal, she must buy the man a silk tie to make up for it. 

If you’re planning a romantic rendezvous with the proposal, you may book The Avalon in St. Pete or Hollander Hotel Downtown for the most fascinating time together. 

Potato for the Win

Irish cuisine is incomplete without potatoes! So, naturally, they are a part of St. Patrick’s Day too. 

In Irish culture, giving someone a potato on St. Patrick's Day will bring them good luck and prosperity. So exchange potatoes with your friends and family, or better, go on a special St. Patrick’s Day feast with them. Mary Margaret's Olde Irish Tavern or Courigan's Irish Pub in St Petersburg will treat you to a great Irish meal.  

Wear the Claddagh Ring

All the singles in the house - if you’re looking to mingle, St. Patrick’s Day has a fix for you. Get the traditional Irish Claddagh ring and wear it upside down to signal that you're single and looking for love. We’re sure you’d find your prince charming at one of the St Paddy’s events - be it the Street Festival at the Flanagan's Irish Pub or the Day Bash at Park & Rec

Drink Up

St. Patrick’s Day is the right excuse to raise a glass! Whether you’re a fan of the green alcoholic beverages or want to enjoy a pint (or several) of Guinness or another Irish beer, Irish pubs and bars in St Petersburg and Clearwater have it all for you. Knock on the doors of Finley's Irish Pub or O'Keefe's Tavern for a memorable drinking evening!

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