Sometimes, dragging yourself to the gym can feel impossible. It’s no secret that hopping on the treadmill can get really boring, really fast, even if you do have a killer playlist or enticing podcast.

Luckily, here in the 727area, we have tons of non-traditional options for getting in a great workout without boredom setting in. Next time you find yourself struggling to make it to the gym, try out one of these unconventional workouts in St. Petersburg to get that body moving and shake up your routine!

The Yard at Intermezzo 

In St. Petersburg’s EDGE District, Anytime Fitness DTSP has teamed up with the Royal Palm Market to hold free community fitness classes in the side lot at Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails on the second Saturday of every month. The class begins at 10 a.m. and consists of energized and exciting workouts that include a mix of strength, cardio, and stretching.

The Movement Sanctuary

This 7,000 square-foot warehouse in Downtown St. Petersburg is a circus-training center that truly is a sanctuary of movement. They offer a wide variety of classes from acro yoga and aerial silks to parkour and handstands.

Movers of all ability levels are welcome, and The Movement Sanctuary encourages and embraces communal efforts to create a completely unique experience.

Vertical Ventures St. Pete

St. Petersburg is home to one of the best indoor rock climbing gyms in the state. Rock climbing is one untraditional workout that gets both the body and mind engaged. You can practice your problem-solving skills while engaging just about every muscle in your body!

In addition to a huge climbing area, the gym also features a training room for its members that includes cardio machines, free weights, and climbing specific training tools. Take your workout to new heights at Vertical Ventures. 

Tai Chi

Nestled on the side of MLK, the Taoist Tai Chi Society in St. Petersburg certainly provides an unconventional workout to all of its students.

Tai Chi is said to be a moving meditation with gentle movements that have a calming effect on the mind. It develops a body that's relaxed and strong at the deepest levels. To treat both your body and mind to an out-of-the-ordinary workout, head to a Tai Chi class!

Running for Brews

While going for a run can’t be considered an untraditional workout on its own, Running for Brews definitely spices things up a bit! This social running club in St. Petersburg is open to runners and walkers of all levels.

They meet up for a pre-planned 5k and finish off their run with some great drinks and conversations at local St. Petersburg bars and breweries like The Ale and the Witch and Right Around the Corner.

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Given that we live in paradise here in St. Petersburg, it can be easy to overlook the amazing exercise alternatives that we have on our waterfront. There are so many places to launch a kayak from and paddle around the bay for a bit like Weedon Island Preserve and Fort De Soto Park where you can rent kayaks on-site without reservations.

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SUP Yoga

Yoga isn’t a non-traditional workout these days, but yoga on a stand-up paddleboard definitely is. The Body Electric Yoga Company offers SUP Yoga classes at Flora Wylie Park where you can either rent a board and anchor or bring your own. Spaces are limited in each class, so if you’re interested, check their schedule and secure your spot sooner than later.

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Healthy St. Pete 

Healthy St. Pete offers free Fitness in the Park throughout the month. They have recurring monthly classes like yoga at Crescent Lake Park on the first Saturday of every month, a second Saturday Trail Fun Run at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, and Hoola Fit at Fossil Park every second Tuesday.

These fun fitness classes are a great way to change up your workout routine while getting outside and enjoying the Sunshine City!

From circus training and rock climbing to kayaking and yoga, these untraditional workouts in St. Petersburg are both challenging and fun.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash