Sometimes you just have too much time on your hands. But if you want to feel like every second matters immediately and with consequences... why not try the newest craze sweeping the nation in escape rooms?

The concept is simple, get locked in a room with you and your friends for up to sixty minutes and solve the problems using clues, deductive reasoning, and teamwork. The best part of these rooms? The themes. With so many different escape room adventures in the Bay Area, you are likely to find one that piques your interest. Solve a mysterious murder before being caught by the suspect, search for buried treasure from a real-life pirate, thwart an evil-doer from doing evil or save your friends from being held hostage. With tickets under $30 per participant, you are bound to have a good time exploring! Here are some of the top escape rooms in Pinellas County. 

Make a Break Escape. You want interactive and conceptual live entertainment, then look no further than this escape room in Largo, FL. It has five different themes, including one for the kids! With varying difficulties, each scenario is more intriguing than the last. From finding a mysterious serial killer to acting as a surgeon to save a mysterious patient, to scouring a Gulf Side mansion for a billionaire-turned-pirate’s hidden treasure, there are plenty of rooms of varying difficulty for all of your friends and family. With bookings up to 10 people and starting at $26, it’s a great way to spend a boring Wednesday with friends or to a bring a date to test your tactics!

Beach Escape Game. This interactive, cooperative set of escape rooms is located right on St. Pete Beach with themed rooms designed to encourage friends, family and co-workers to solve puzzles and crack codes in under sixty minutes! Rooms include The Honky Tonk, Lost Treasure, Where in the World, and Caged with success rates from 35-60%. Rooms start at $28 per person with up to eight participants.

Tampa Bay Escape Room. Conveniently located in Clearwater, FL these themed rooms are recommended for gamers and enthusiasts, family and friends, companies and team building events and tourists and visitors! Rooms vary from freeing a wizard from another dimension, to escaping a kidnapping or being trapped in a cabin in the woods. Most are recommended for 2-8 players with varying difficulties, and prices start at $28 per participant.

Escape St. Pete. Get your inner Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew on to complete these complex rooms. From the Science Laboratory where deciphering clues to uncover the dubious Doctor A.B. Normal from conducting human experimentation is your objective, to the adult-themed Writer’s Cabin where deductive reasoning and evidence gathering is are your tools to solving a mystery. Pricing starts at $28, and age 15 or older is recommended to solve these challenging puzzles. Can you escape the Burg?

Escape Thrill. With a variety of rooms of varying difficulty, Escape Thrill offers the most options of escape rooms for your party and skill level. From the sleuth mystery, Diamond Heist, to the old west of Deadwood in Wild West, to the adult-themed Skinned Alive there is sure to be a theme that everyone in your party will enjoy.

Escape Room Clearwater Beach. Can you and your friends solve the clues? Located right on Clearwater Beach, this room adventure is a great diversion from the sea and the sand. From exploring a real-life pirate ship to thwarting an imminent global cyber attack to stopping a runaway subway train, this escape room claims to have been voted one of the Best Escape Rooms in Tampa Bay. Tickets start at $25 and groups can go up to eight participants.

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Cover photo from Tampa Bay Escape Room's Facebook page.