Clearwater is just one of the many popular cities for tourism located in Florida. This city is home to a number of different fun activities for tourists to take part in. Not only are there many different things to do in Clearwater, there are also many free events and activities in the city for those who are on a budget or just looking enjoy fun and recreation without spending the money.

One of the most popular free things to do in Clearwater is to visit Clearwater Beach.  Clearwater Beach is known for having beautiful beaches with pale, white sand. One can do a number of different activities on the beach. Playing games such as volleyball and Frisbee are good, free ideas if you've got the supplies, and, if not, they shouldn't cost too much at a local store. Visitors can also build sand castles, soak up the warm Florida sun, and float in the water. Clearwater beaches are an ideal place for both relaxation and excitement.

One popular Clearwater event is Sunsets at Pier 60 featuring local artisans, crafters, live music, and more. Everyone is invited to enjoy the beautiful sight of the sun setting and, on Fridays and Saturdays, watch a movie that will play at dusk. Admission is completely free.

There is fun and recreation to be had for people of all ages. The Clearwater community holds an annual celebration for senior citizens. During this celebration, free games of bingo are held with prizes included. Aside from free games of bingo, there will also be plenty of entertainment. Admission is free for everyone.

For those that enjoy relaxation and sight seeing, visiting Downtown Clearwater is a great idea. The downtown area has been recently renovated and is home to recreation-friendly Coachman park. Not only is this area perfect for sight seeing and capturing pictures, it is also only two miles away from the Clearwater beach making it an easy destination to get to.

Whatever you choose, just know there are plenty of things to do in and around Clearwater that won't deplete the wallet, and you can take that to the bank!  No pun intended.