If you haven't heard of the RockShop in Saint Pete, you are in for a treat! No matter who you are, the opportunity to purchase jewelry for a friend or loved one will arise at least once in your life. Whether you are surprising your significant other for an anniversary, showering Mom with love on her birthday or a holiday, or thanking your bridesmaids for being by your side, you'll want to give the gift of a quality piece of jewelry to be appreciated, and perhaps handed down for generations. Even better, you can shop local, shop small, and give them a special gift cut, tumbled and made right here in St. Pete!

Why St. Pete's Savvy Shoppers Love RockShop

We had the chance to sit down with Christie Lopez, co-owner of Rockshop with her husband Carlos to learn about what they do, and why. Carlos, a certified gemologist, has worked in the jewelry industry for years and honed his craft in New York and on Chicago's Jewelers Row. He also studied the art of jewelry design in Florence, Italy for eight months! He and Christie, in business for themselves in the 500 Block of Central Avenue for two years this November, told us Rockshop has been doing well as they expressed deep gratitude for their customers and regular clients. A unique, rare gemstone boutique and full-service jeweler this rock shop is an experience many savvy St. Pete shoppers embrace as they repeatedly score expertly designed pieces of jewelry. 

Unlike jewelers who strive to sell and get you out the door, RockShop educates customers on the origin and unique qualities of each and every stone or gem. If you are giving one of their pieces to a family or friend as a gift, you can share the background and details about the stones with your loved one.Although Rockshop offers a wide variety of jewelry creations and repair options, the shop also repurposes old stones. If you have a gem sitting around or an heirloom piece you would love to wear, RockShop works with you to reincorporate the gem into a beautiful new creation. This option breathes new life into pieces that may otherwise sit untouched for years.

Customers love the cozy atmosphere of the store, the handmade wooden display cases, the old vinyl rock albums and t-shirts for sale, and the one-of-a-kind gems. Although the shop has a following across a wide age range, Millennials love RockShop for engagement, wedding, and anniversary shopping. Seeking something unusual, uncommon and unique?  RockShop is the place!

If you'd like to see The Rockshop perform live jewelry making demonstrations or stone cutting and polishing, come to the Central Summer Solstice - Saturday, September 24th from 10am - 6pm. Celebrate the diversity of central avenue in St. Petersburg with Live Art Demos in celebration of the Central Avenue Solstice. 

Next time you are in "The Burg," drop by RockShop to see what's in store, meet Christie, Carlos and their team including favorite shop dogs, Biggie and Jasper!  Rockshop features a beautiful 3 Ton supply of rare Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Let RockHound Carlos, their knowledgeable sales staff and superb local artisans do the treasure hunting and work for you!

The talented people at RockShop will create the perfect piece, something to make your heart sing, your part is easy!  Stop by to see what they have been up to regularly!  You never know what you will find but we feel sure after meeting this talented team you too will fall in love with the work they do!  <we put="" a="" reminder="" on="" our="" phones="" to="" check="" in="" each="" month="" see="" what's="" new,="" we="" do="" not="" want="" miss="" out!=""> No trip to St. Pete will be complete without a visit to the RockShop from now on!