Are you new to the St. Patrick's Day celebration? If yes, don’t worry! Now is the time to prepare so you do not miss out. Luckily, St. Petersburg and Clearwater have a ton of wholesome activities lined up. 

From concerts to bar crawling to parades, there are multiple options. And how can we forget about the drinks? You don’t need to be Irish to celebrate the culture, so get ready to indulge in the various traditional drinks available in different Irish pubs.  

Our list features the best ones you must try for St Patrick’s Day in St Petersburg and Clearwater, let's dive in. 

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Fantastic Irish Beers for St Patrick’s Day in St Petersburg and Clearwater

Rogue Ales Irish Lager

Rogue Ales Irish Lager is the perfect beer for those who need a light Irish drink. With its low ABV, you don’t have to worry about blacking out. Instead, load your pockets because its crisp apple finish will make you purchase more of it!

For those who would like to enjoy their St. Patrick's day with this light and smooth-flavored beer, The One Night Stand is the ideal Irish pub. They will also be holding a bar crawling event.

Murphy's Irish Red

This red-colored ale should be your top choice if you want to feel like an Ireland native. The beer has been churned for over 150 years and is much heavier than a green beer. The Murphy's Irish Red is a solid choice for St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

For those who would like to appreciate this Irish beer, head to Murphy’s Sports Grille.

O'hara Irish Pale Ale

This Irish pale is combined with a balance of European IPA and dry hoppings of American pale ale. If you like a fruity, floral, and hoppy-flavored refreshingly bitter beer, O'hara Irish Pale will make a good choice on St. Patrick's Day.

You can enjoy this drink at Hurricane Eddie’s Gulfport. More fun awaits you here as you sip this Irish beer.

Guinness Extra Stout

This famous Irish beer can’t be missed on this list. It's the only beer that pops up when people hear of St. Paddy's day, and it's for a good reason. Firstly, it comes in different varieties that deliver notes of tobacco and coffee, as well as chocolate flavor.

Additionally, you can find it in most St Pete’s and Clearwater pubs and bars, including O’keefe’s Tavern, The Original Crabby Bill’s, and Guilty Sea Sports Pub. Be sure to check out these places too for celebrations happening on St Patrick’s Day.

Flying Dog Lucky SOB Irish Ale

Want to be lucky on St. Paddy's day? Grab yourself this Irish beer to bring you the luck of the Irish. Brewed with four-leaf clovers, it tastes sweet grains followed by a malty and hints of fruitiness with a clean finish. Get this lucky drink from Flanagans Irish Pub.

Now that you have the traditional Irish drinks, what are you waiting for? Get out there and celebrate!

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