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Red Reviews on Bula on the Beach Kava Bar 2 years ago
Bula on the Beach Kava Bar
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So I ran in to an old school Bula Kafe guy the other day, hadn't seen him in years. We were talking and he mentions he doesn't often get to kava bars much anymore because of the distance, he said he used to visit Bula on the Beach. So I asked why doesn't he visit BOB anymore. He said the kava makes him sick. Well my friend I think I know why. They barely strain their kava, I'll leave you to speculate why. Here is the evidence 2 doubles total 16oz 3.9+ g of material left unstrained. That's a great eay way to get stomach aches. I am hoping this is a one time thing but from what I was hearing it certainly does not other seem to be. But to be fair after I strained it seemed alright. Hit me back I'm more than willing to hear you out.

Pros: It does the job

Cons: Poorly strained way too much material left over.

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