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J Reviews on Dolce Speakeasy & Supperclub 6 years ago

Dolce Speakeasy & Supperclub

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Went for the first time with a group of four on the last prohibition Tues and was very disappointed. Apparently the bearded bartender at the front bar is there to just stand around doing nothing all night. Had to flag him down twice to get him to take our order, even though the place was completely dead! He only served half of us, then desides to leave the bar unattended to go outside for a fifteen minute smoke break. Comes back in and leaves us still standing there without our drinks while chit chating at the bar with a female employee. Then he dissappeared again until a lady from our group had to go track him down at the rear of the building and was greeted with a rude and obnoxious attitude. The place is nice, but the service is an absolute joke, and the barender is a lazy jerk! Oh, and apparently it's okay for woman to use the men's restroom, but not okay for men to use the woman's room, even though there's a "unisex" sign on the front of the door. A guy in our group got chewed out by some drunk psycho woman who looked like she put her makeup on with a putty knife because he accidentally went into the unoccupide ladies (unisex) restroom to take a leak.

Pros: 1930's theme.

Cons: Lousy service from a rude & lazy bartender. Bathrooms only cater to woman & trannys.

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