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Clayton Reviews on OfferMORE 3 years ago


5 Rating  

We contacted Ryan over there at Offer More to see if he could help with selling my Dad's honda accord. He had us visit CarMax for an estimate and sure enough, he beat it. He actually offered us 400 more then the appraisal so it made the extra trip well worth the while. Highly recommend

Pros: fast, easy and great offer

Cons: little extra leg work with the CarMax appraisal

Clayton Reviews on Anderson & Sons Asphalt 3 years ago

Anderson & Sons Asphalt

5 Rating  

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony and his crew while they were working on the asphalt parking lot at my Dad's condominium in Largo. We had to get them to move one of their trucks and the ended up having a long conversation with the owner and gave him some insights on how to better market his business. A few days later I was also very pleased at how well the lot came out. The lines were straight, the black top was very smooth and gave the whole condo complex a much nicer and more professional feel. Highly recommend

Pros: Amazing line work, great levelness and very friendly staff.

Cons: none

Clayton Reviews on Bula on the Beach Kava Bar 3 years ago

Bula on the Beach Kava Bar

5 Rating  

So stoked to have found a place and community we can enjoy night life at without the need or pressure to drink alcohol! My wife and I generally come for sunset and then stick around for a while. The kava tenders are really pleasant and although the kava is kinda weird, the speciality drinks are really yummy.

Pros: Amazing ambiance. Great drink options. Really good coffee. Great place to work during the early hours of the day as well.

Cons: Some of the prices are bit high and people are allowed to smoke outside. If ever a smoker is next to us it gets annoying. easy to relocated thought.

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