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glenn Reviews on Doc of the Bay Marine Service 7 years ago

Doc of the Bay Marine Service

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I will have to say I have never written a review, but after dealing with Doc Of the Bay I have to warn People. I will start out with my first experience and the my most recent. My first experience was when I had a 200hp Mercury and had a buzzer issue stating that it was overheating. I had taken it to another place first and had no luck. Then I took it to Doc Of The Bay. They seemed to be very nice and concerned to get it taken care of for me. They had run it and stated that they couldn't get it to do anything. They did find something wrong and had charge me $$$. I picked it up and took it out. I got 500 yards from the doc and the motor seized up. I took of the cowling and notice that the buzzer wires were disconnected (which would have warned me that the motor was overheating and not to run it any more). So there I sat in the middle of the channel with a blown motor. I got in and took it to doc of the bay for them to tell me that it is blown and would have to be rebuilt. I am not going to say that I didn't feel that they were totally responsible, but if they had reconnected the wires that they disconnected I would probably not have blown the motor. They took no ownership of the

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