By: Sally Baker

Whether you live in Florida or are vacationing, everyone wants to know the perfect place to watch the sunset off Tampa Bay. There are 5 spots on the coast that are the most popular among locals. In order from north to south we have Clearwater Beach, Treasure Island, Sunset Beach, Pass A Grille and Bon Aire.

Clearwater Beach is a favorite but is also usually crowded. For those who enjoy being around other people for their sunset experience, Clearwater has a majority of the tourists. This is a fun area to watch the sunset on the Gulf Coast and the nearby restaurants and nightlife in walking distance are an added bonus.

Treasure Island is a local favorite farther south of Clearwater Beach. Within this area, there are popular hotels on the beach, restaurants and nightlife.

Sunset Beach lies just south of Treasure Island and has the popular restaurant and bar called Caddy’s Treasure Island. Here, locals kick back, enjoy a cocktail and walk along the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset to come.

Pass A Grille is another locally raved spot to watch the Florida sunsets. Located on the southern most point of St. Pete Beach and just south of the famous Don Cesar hotel, the locals and familiar visitors will walk or sit along the coastline in wait. The Don Cesar Beach Resort has beautiful canopy beds on the beach that guests can rent. Now that’s a classy way to watch the sunset!

Bon Aire Resort Motel is a popular place with affordable beachfront prices. This motel is known to be more relaxed and quiet but has a beach bar to enjoy a nice cocktail while watching the sunset off the Gulf Coast.

Wherever you decide to watch the sunset, it will be a memorable experience. The Tampa Bay area is blessed with some of the best coastlines and beaches in the country, and thanks to faithful reviewers like yourself, we can let you know the perfect places to watch sunsets, eat at restaurants on the water and enjoy nightlife on the beach.