Florida's beaches have always been in the spotlight when it comes to the country's most beautiful vacation spots. Not surprisingly, TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards for 2018 announced that the number-one beach in the United States was Clearwater Beach. People travel from all over the world to experience this famed beach, but locals also flock here as Clearwater is just a short 30-minute drive from neighboring Tampa Bay. With sunny weather, soft sand, and crystal waters contrasting Florida's heat, Clearwater Beach gives all beach-goers summer vibes year-round.

In addition to its stunning locale, Clearwater Beach also gained the title of number-one beach in the United States because of its prime location. The beach stretches along the Florida's east coast, lined with a myriad of restaurants, clothing stores, tattoo parlors, souvenir shops, and bike rentals, adding to your vacation experience and beach adventure. As a college student in the Tampa Bay area with a fast-approaching spring break, it's not a shock to me that visiting Clearwater Beach tops many's list of things to do over the break. That and gorging on delicious, off-campus foods at the great restaurants in Clearwater.

Another standout feature of Clearwater Beach is Pier 60, providing a perfect pathway to walk further out into the ocean without having to get wet. The fresh, salty winds guide you along a peaceful walk to the ideal sunset-watching spot at the end of the beach. Families, seniors, and college students alike populate the sands, but the long stretch of beach allows for plenty of space between groups. Even if the crowds start build up with spring breakers, there's still enough room for everyone to find their perfect spot to lay out their beach towel and take in the beautiful ocean view.

Florida is home to several popular, breathtaking beaches like Miami Beach and St. Pete Beach, but the people have spoken, and Clearwater Beach was voted the number-one beach in the United States. Whether you live nearby or have to make a trip to Clearwater, don't miss out on this award-winning beach and all of the amazing views and amenities it has to offer.

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Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay