Yummy’s is nothing other than, well.. yummy! Upon first glance it’s like the home town tasty freeze and the circus collided and landed on a patch of mulch in Downtown Gulfport. It’s a surprise how this little red and yellow eatery can blend into the quaintness of the strip but like the others it has that zsa zsa zsu of a home atmosphere with an almost kid-like quality.

At first glance I assumed it was only an ice cream shop but they have real food! The food is kid friendly too with a menu layered in all the youngin’ favorites like their famous Chicago style hotdogs, BLT’s and grilled cheese sandwiches. This place is perfect for the adults who don’t want to grow up but still want to exercise their rights as adults. They will offer you a shot of whiskey to go along with your meal, or any other type of adult beverage ( I’m still not sure if they were kidding about the whiskey.) All jokes aside, Yummy's does serve beer and wine. They also have the option of cozy indoor seating ( and I do mean cozy) or outdoor tables where you drink your glass of wine and people-watch during an art-walk.

I bought the polish sausage smothered in spicy mayonnaise, onions, peppers in a poppy-seed bun. It made me feel right at home, as did Rich and Bonnie, the former owners. Bonnie was almost motherly as she constantly checked in on the girls and I. They  already had the business going for five years before they made the trek to Florida to re-open Yummy’s in the beautiful heart of Gulfport and be with family and friends.

Yummy’s is under the new ownership of Lori Luczak now, but Rich and Bonnie are always there making sure things run smoothly. Not much has changed under the new ownership, the food is just as delicious, the atmosphere is just as quaint, and the prices are still just as cheap! This place was definitely made for the college students budget with meals ranging from $4-$8.  With that kind of a bill there is almost certainly room for dessert!  Yummy’s has their own homemade ice cream and there are quite a few to choose from. They also offer brownies, sundaes, milkshakes and malts.  Go big and get their Wunder Bar, a slice of frozen cheesecake dipped in rich chocolate. For an extra $3-$5 you really can’t say no to ending the meal on a sweet note.