Ybor City's famous gay-themed and LGBT-friendly restaurant and bar Hamburger Mary's has recently announced plans to open a new location in Clearwater near the Westfield Countryside Mall according to Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Hamburger Mary's is a San Francisco-based restaurant chain established in 1972.  It boasts 13 locations in cities like West Hollywood, Chicago, Jacksonville, Orlando, Berlin, and soon, Clearwater which will make 14.

Ybor City welcomed Hamburger Mary's four years ago as its first gay-themed and LGBT-friendly restaurant chain at its home the Centro Ybor complex.  Hamburger Mary's locations throughout the nation typically reside in "gay-centric" districts like Ybor City, which has become a burgeoning neighborhood for gay-friendly businesses, neighborhood organizations, and more over the past few years.

Hamburger Mary's didn't want to miss out on the growing Clearwater-St. Petersburg market, so they're now working on a new, undisclosed location "in the vicinity of" the Westfield Countryside Mall set to open in about four weeks, the Business Journal reports.

The new Hamburger Mary's in Clearwater will hire for about 40 to 60 positions, which should come as great news for those seeking restaurant-related jobs in Clearwater.

We'll keep you posted as more news arises.