Some restaurants are serious about their food and drinks, some places are dedicated to their entertainment. What if there was a place that catered to both? Too good to believe? Not anymore! Two Buks Saloons prides themselves in having you immersed with all kinds of entertainment. If singing your heart out while having a couple of tall drafts of that liquid courage then you will love the ambiance every Tuesday and Thursday where a live DJ serves up the jams for live karaoke night. Two Buks takes the utmost pride in being ranked the number one spot for live entertainment in Clearwater. Live bands perform both Friday and Saturday and if you are lucky enough you will be able to catch their featured live bands. Everyone loves music and this saloon has a little bit of something for everyone!


Live DJ & Karaoke: Tuesday & Thursday

Live Bands: Friday & Saturday

Billiards & Pinball: Every night!

For the younger crowds, there is a well known local band named Handsome Devil and they play all of the hard rock you love with the edgy twist you crave. Now, the following featured band calls themselves Bad Boy Elroy and quite frankly with a name like that you already know your ears are about to be immersed in the beautiful memory provoking old fashioned rock that so many of us grew to love. Happy as the beer in one hand while head bopping, Two Buks knew that they needed a live band for those people that just want to let their hair down and they found that with Shakes Society. These groups are dedicated to playing that feel good music that you feel deep down in your bones. The beat infiltrates your soul and you have no choice but to get up and dance!

There are plenty of food and drink specials too and happy hour several days a week. 

Happy Hour

Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Sunday & Monday all day

At this locally famous Clearwater saloon, everybody knows everybody and what's more is that once you step through that door they are all your best friends. Two Buks has been very passionately been referred to as “The Cheers of Clearwater” and with great reason. The staff becomes family before you know it and feeling of being welcomed and accepted just as you are. It's a winning combination that's hard to beat! 

Check out Two Buks Saloons to see their weekly events, or you can register on 727area to stay connected to all the fun things to do in Clearwater

Cover photo courtesy of Twobuks Saloons