The best cinnamon buns are soft and tender, with a sticky glaze topping. From classic swirl buns with beautiful cheesy glaze to fluffy eggnog cinnamon rolls, there are many takes on this popular recipe that you can find to satisfy your sweet-food cravings. 

Now, if you are already drooling when reading this, it's a sign that you should get this sweet pastry, especially after your morning stroll along the St Petersburg and Clearwater beaches! Today, we've created this list to help you find top bakeries serving the best cinnamon buns in St Petersburg & Clearwater! Let’s dive in. 

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Cafe Mozart German Bakery
Restaurant $$
6754 4th Street North, St. Petersburg FL, 33702
Cafe Mozart German bakery makes fresh cinnamon rolls every day. So, stop at this St Petersburg bakery to treat yourself or have some for breakfast.
Their cinnamon buns, bread, and other pastries are handmade with natural ingredients but still flavorful. Highly recommended!
The Crumb Factory
Restaurant $$
5701 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg FL, 33710
The crumb factory makes its cinnamon rolls from scratch. They offer you a mix of custom and traditional delicacies with a consistent taste each time you purchase. Truth be told, you can never get enough of their cinnamon buns. If you need to dine inside the bakery, there is ample space for you, but you can also choose to take out and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.
Southern Bay Bakery, St. Pete
1961 4th Street North, Saint Petersburg FL, 33704
Southern Bay Bakery makes delicious cinnamon rolls that you'll definitely love. They use the finest ingredients to make them, and their flavors are unique thanks to the balance of ingredients. You can have yours with coffee, latte, cappuccino, or any other beverage of your choice!
Craft Kafe
Restaurant $$
6653 Central Ave., Saint Petersburg FL, 33710
For traditionally baked cinnamon buns, visit the Craft Kafe, a St Petersburg staple.
They bake their goods with gluten-free flour, which actually makes the cinnamon buns taste amazing and ideal for people who are gluten intolerant. You should also try their beverages since they make the most with their self-made almond, coconut, and soy milk.
Valhalla Bakery
Restaurant $$
2462 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg FL, 33712
Valhalla Bakery is also an ideal spot for cinnamon buns lovers. Cinnamon buns here are absolutely delicious and made with fresh ingredients.
Apart from offering cinnamon rolls, you can grab some cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and other baked items to satisfy your sweet tooth. One more fantastic thing about Valhalla bakery is that it's vegan! So, be sure to stop here if you are looking to get vegan-friendly cinnamon buns.