By: Andrew Silverstein

Beach bars.  They're pretty sweet just in the concept alone; a place where you can sip on your favorite drinks with some of the most relaxing, enjoyable scenery nature has to offer.  But, while concept is good, it's nothing without the proper execution.  The sound of a beach bar can be great, but if it's packed wall-to-wall, the drinks cost more than an hour of your pay, and you're not having fun, then what's the point, really?

If you're going out to a beach bar in St. Pete, specifically Madeira Beach, you've got your share of choices.  We're gonna suggest a sure-shot hit and tell you The Hut is the place to be for beach-bound libations and an awesome time.

Located in John's Pass Village, The Hut is a haven for waterside drinks, food, watching the game, and more.  Got a boat?  Dock it right behind The Hut and head inside for a great time.  Or, stay out and dine or drink right there on the dock.  Pretty cool, right?

On many nights they host live reggae music to perfectly round out the beach-y atmosphere and give an authentic island feel.  If you're looking to ease some stress, drinking a 2-4-1 happy hour cocktail on the dock with some great reggae in the background should definitely do the trick.

The Hut also boasts a ton of TV's in and around their restaurant.  Sit where you please, kick back and enjoy the game in this casual, laid-back atmosphere.

And, the food, can't forget the food.  Choose from a menu rife with delectable Caribbean-inspired entrees and bar staples including wings, burgers, blackened chicken, coconut shrimp, and much more.

If this sounds like your kind of place, head out to The Hut on Madeira Beach today and give it a test run.  We can tell you it probably won't be your last time.