The new reimagined St. Pete Pier is now finally open to the public, after years of planning and construction. The discussion for the new pier dates back to 2004, the design for the pier was decided in 2015, and now finally open after three years of construction. The beautiful new St. Pete Pier had its grand opening in July and is now open to the public, at a limited capacity, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also encourages visitors to wear a mask both indoors and outdoors at the pier and to maintain social distancing while at the pier as well. 

There are many reasons to go visit the new St. Pete Pier today, even with the current precaution in place. The main attraction at the new pier is the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center. This center features a 2,000 square foot exhibit that showcases Tampa’s unique ecosystem, large outdoor exhibits, and kid’s classrooms for school field trips. The new St. Pete pier also offers an array of fun activities including kayaking, with kayaks available to rent, at Spa Beach, fishing at open docks located at the end of the pier, and, for the kids, a splash pad and playground for them to run around at. Also, check out the marketplace located in front of the St. Petersburg Museum of History involving multiple vendors from the local area. Lastly, you can go relax in a beach chair at Spa Beach, or break a sweat running or biking around the pier.

Along with the fun and educational activities the new St. Pete Pier has to offer, you will also find a plethora of restaurants along the pier to check out. Spa Beach Bistro, which is adjacent to Spa Beach, offers grab-and-go items such as pizza and health options while you enjoy your time frolicking on the beach. If you are looking for something nice and upscale, Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grille offer authentic Florida cuisine and flavors from the Caribbean Rim, along with outdoor seating and a full rum bar. If you are just looking for a quick snack, Driftwood Cafe is a walk-up spot that offers coffee, snacks, and sweet goods like ice cream. Lastly, check out Fresco’s Waterfront Bistro if you want to enjoy happy hour, brunch, lunch, or have dinner with a sunset view from the pier.

Take a tour of Downtown and all the way to Egmont Key with The Pelican St. Pete. Grab Breakfast or Lunch in Downtown St. Pete and Then Set Sail for a 4-Hour Tour. Board the vessel at the pier downtown and enjoy the 60-minute ride. 

While the new St. Pete Pier is not open to its full capacity yet, due to COVID-19, it’s worth checking out when you get the chance. After years of planning and construction, the reimagine pier is now open to the public, and open for new businesses to build out of. Everyone in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area should check out this new hot spot as soon as you can! 

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