Meatless Monday: The Witch's Brew

Halloween has come and gone, but the magic, pun intended, of one of our favorite ghouls, witches, never really goes away. Tucked in historic Palm Harbor, The Witch's Brew plays up to its theme, from the outdoor architecture reminiscent to downtown Salem, to the simple witchy chimes in the window. And while this spot is worth a visit for the atmosphere alone, you can even incorporate it into your meatless Monday. 

To start, we snagged the classic chips and garlic hemp-seed hummus which we enjoyed outside in the yard. Classic, tasty and a well-done starter! 

And for the entree we stuck with the easy-on-the-wallet Wand's Wrap, a classic multigrain wrap with avocado, spring greens, spinach, tomato and cucumber, spread with more of the garlic-hempseed hummus and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Tasty, refreshing and definitely a tasty way to counter your holiday cravings while staying on track of your diet! 

But, if you are celebrating a day of treating yourself, The Witch's Brew has a variety of ice cream, milkshakes and desserts at your fingertips! For their full menu, check here and plan to include a walk around downtown Palm Harbor afterwards, in case you do splurge a little!

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