Lunch in Downtown St. Pete affords you a ton of restaurants to choose from. We'll venture to guess, though, that if you're on your lunch break, you probably want something fast, filling, and affordable.  St. Pete's got you covered there too.  Read on to discover some of your best bets for a great lunch in Downtown St. Petersburg.

Bangkok Thai - If you're into Thai cuisine (and you  definitely should be), Bangkok Thai is the place to be in Downtown St. Pete.  This quaint Thai restaurant serves all the classic Thai dishes quick and fresh.   This means selections like a variety of curries, Pad Thai noodles, sushi, stir fry, and more.

Red Mesa Cantina - Red Mesa is the place to go for an awesome and contemporary Mexican dining experience in Downtown St. Pete.  Stop by for a huge selection of drinks from the bar as well as great lunches including tacos like Ahi tuna, duck, and steak fajita, as well as appetizers, burritos, sandwiches, and more.

Lucky Dill Deli - Nothing beats a classic deli experience like Lucky Dill can provide.  Stop in for a quick lunch and dine on selections like huge deli sandwiches, salads, chicken, burgers, and much more.  You'll be full and in and out in no time.

Old Northeast Tavern - A quaint neighborhood bar and restaurant in the Northeast neighborhood, Old Northeast Tavern provides a unique, down-home dining experience great for lunch in Downtown St. Pete.  Dine on their ample selection of flatbread pizzas, sandwiches, appetizers, and more.

Taco Bus - A massively popular taco eatery in Downtown St. Pete, Taco Bus provides fresh, authentic Mexican fare served straight from their converted school bus kitchen.  Choose from tacos, burritos, tortas, and more served fresh and cheap.