This Clearwater restaurant in a fast paced neighborhood, Granadino's. will give you a classic Italian experience any time of the day. Granadino's makes sure to satisfy their hungry and thirsty customers offering $1.00 pizza slices, lasagna platters for the whole family, and an extensive beer and wine menu. Their traditional Italian dishes are no joke and will leave you, your family, and your friends completely satisfied.

New Menu, New Prices | Granadino's Italian Restaurant

Granadino's Italian Restaurant is offering a new menu and new prices to match. This charming restaurant has been in the Bay area for three years and is renovating the menu to meet feedback from their regular customers. Adding zesty new dishes, such as the pomegranate salad, and revitalizing classic dishes, like their tasty Chicken Genovese, are sure to please!
Delivery, dine in, take out, catering, and parties, Granadino's does it all! The restaurant itself can hold ninety guests and is perfect for any occasion. They don't just host parties, they strive to be the party through first-class catering and delivery services.

Offering pasta, pizza, veal, lasagna, seafood and more you’re sure to have Italy on your mind after this dining experience. The classic dishes at Granadino's not only looked great but tasted amazing. The Chicken Genovese's sauce mixed with the parmesan scalloped potatoes was a delightful flavor combination. The margarita pizza was laden with fresh tomatoes echoing their new pomegranate salad. The citrus and nutty crunch mixed with the ripe berry flavor left my palate satisfied. The lasagna was classically sauced and covered with meat and dripping with gooey cheese. Granadino’s buffalo mozzarella Caprese was also a keystone flavor. With all these bold and pronounced flavors, Granadino’s is the best restaurant if like me you like cheesy!

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