Manager Dara said, “You know, it’s the small business, hole-in-the-wall-places, located in nondescript strip-malls, where you often find the most amazing cuisine!”  She could not be more right when it comes to, “Got Sushi”.  Scooting quickly down Bayshore Boulevard then across Gandy Bridge from Downtown Tampa, we arrived at Got Sushi in 20 minutes. On MLK at 94th, you find this gem tucked alongside the Enclave of St. Petersburg. Clean, bright and comfortable were my first thoughts as I quickly scanned the tables for my friends, taking a seat. There is an intimacy about the place, a sense of hospitality and comfort, Got Sushi has a great 'vibe'. It's noticeable, and it springs from the staff, but more about them in a minute. If you enjoy exploring Tampa Bay for creative sushi, this is a must try. No matter where you have been, we are going to guess, it was nothing like this!

Sashimi Combo

Got Sushi? Best Guess It Was Nothing Like This!

A restaurants success, well any business for that matter, begins at the top.  Management set the tone and creates the work space environment which trickles down to the staff and ultimately the clients and customers.  At Got Sushi, U.S. Military Veteran owner Victor, and his G.M  Dara Thammavong, put together an experienced team of culinary masters, back kitchen staff and profession front-of-the-house service personnel to bring you fresh, professionally prepared sushi in a warm an inviting setting.  It's the people behind the feast who elevate Got Sushi. Let's meet them and oogle their handiwork!

Got Sushi staff

Ricky Lasavath: The Sushi Chef ~ Employed by two “restaurant of the year” award winners in Tampa Bay Chef Tok brings 17 years of experience to the plate. His culinary expertise ranges from traditional Japanese cuisine to French fusion, and southeastern cuisine.
Mikey Lasavath: The Teppanyaki Chef (Teppanyaki  means iron grill, or what we know as a flat top).  Though his talents are hidden in the kitchen we taste his skills on every hibachi dish he serves. Also responsible for the sauces, Chef Mikey creates what patrons call “Yummy-Yummy” sauce, the amazing ginger dressing for the house salad and more.  Our favorites were his ginger, Mirin, soy sauce served with the Gyoza beef and pork dumplings and the snappy Ponzu Sauce, a tangy soy-based sauce made with citrus, served with the Hamachi Seared Carpaccio.

Hamachi Seared Carpaccio

 All meals are made fresh when ordered - Guaranteed freshness 

Got Sushi Japanese Steakhouse selects only the highest quality, freshest fish and places a high priority on locally sourced proteins. G.M. Dara explained, "The fish is brought in twice a week, chef then carefully ages the fish, an essential part in the art of sushi. Certain fish are ideal for being eaten immediately while others require specific methods of refrigeration and aging to obtain the great taste." 

Perhaps the most complex and difficult part in the “art of making sushi” is perfecting the rice.  Got Sushi uses a mix of Japanese long and short grain rice combined with Japanese sea salt, red and white Japanese rice vinegar and a tiny amount of sugar.  The rice is cooked precisely, chefs evaluate the rice by hand as it cooks, making adjustments as needed to ensure perfection in the texture of their sushi on the palate, as you indulge in their delicious sushi, and the on the plate as a side to their specialty plates.

Hibachi Seafood Trio

Our party shared several dishes on our trip to Got Sushi. We started with the Gyoza dumplings and the Spring Rolls, next up was one of the most unique sushi rolls any of us experienced, yes, experienced!  Called the B-52 Roll, it is tempura shrimp, asparagus, crab, eel and rice roll drizzled with triple sauce, sealed in aluminum foil and flamed tableside.  Trust us, it is THE BOMB; you hear, see, smell then taste this delightful sushi roll. Who knew dining on fine sushi could be even more fun! 

B-52 Roll

Next up was the shrimp tempura, it was light, not greasy and beautifully presented.  Notice the orchids on the plates, they are edible; each of us experimented, they are surprisingly crunchy and tasted great!  Another favorite was the Royal Flush with spicy tuna, salmon eel, masago, onion, scallion, serrano chilies and baked scallops. Two words, wait one, 'AMAZING!' As was the Got Sushi Roll which followed!

Royal Flush Roll 

Got Sushi Roll

The Got-Sushi Roll is Crab delight and tempura asparagus covered with Teppanyaki seared sirloin steak.  It is drizzled with a garlic, miso and eel sauce then topped with Truffle Oil infused greens.  The Got Sushi house salad was a nice surprise, and our first chance to try Chef Mikey's fresh ginger dressing. Light and refreshing they serve in a beautiful bowl; chef's divine ginger dressing is on the side. Next we shared the 17-piece Sashimi Combo for $25, almost too beautiful to eat we devoured it in no time sampling several sauces, and choosing our favorites.  By this time there was a 'buzz' at our table, it felt like an occasion, we were excited to see what came next! Dining at Got Sushi was an experience, one we want to have again and again!

Got Sushi did not disappoint with the Spicy Seafood Martini, spicy tuna served with daikon radish, avocado, and Ponzu sauce on a seaweed, Kim Chee base. If you are planning a date be sure to order this dish, it's sexy, smart and savory!  We finished with the Hibachi combo seafood trio, Carpaccio and another of Got Sushi's House Specialty rolls, the Mega Lobster Roll.  Tender tempura lobster, crab delight, avocado, and Got Sushi's special 'mayo' in a ring mounded with tasty lobster bites topped with tempura crunchies, orange tobiko, red tobiko, and mixed greens topped with eel sauce.

Spicy Tuna Martini
Mega Lobster Roll

Plan to stop in to Got Sushi - Japanese Steakhouse soon to meet Victor and his staff, and congratulate them on their first anniversary! As a military veteran, Victor extends a 10% discount to all military families. Got Sushi is kid-friendly, they do offer a kid's menu and don't be surprised if you hear manager Dara being referred to as 'Auntie D' by the children, she is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. Her goal is your complete dining satisfaction at Got Sushi as she and her staff provide the ultimate in customer service to those who dine at this wholesome restaurant, tucked away in north St. Pete, just across Gandy Bridge from Tampa! Got Sushi, best guess, it was nothing like this!  So, are you hungry now?  Why are you still sitting there? GO! Go to Got Sushi - Japanese Steakhouse  for lunch or dinner!  They have great lunch specials and an amazing couple's deal!  Let us know what you think in comments below!