Looking to try the best wings St. Pete has to offer, but concerned about your options because of COVID? Ferg’s Sports Bar has got you covered! During these unprecedented times, Ferg’s still wants you to be able to go out, get some wings, and enjoy yourself—safely! Ferg’s has implemented new rules to make sure everyone is safe during this pandemic. The popular sports bar is now only serving customers who are sitting at tables. No one will be allowed to sit or stand at bars. All Ferg’s customers are also required to wear masks until you are seated at a table. All staff members are required to wear masks, as well, and will have their temperature taken every day before work.

The restaurant and bar is now only using single use tableware and is running an air sanitizer and purifier every night. The professional sanitation used in the restaurant lasts 7 days! Don’t let any of this bring you down. If you still want to bring your friends to Ferg’s to try the best wings in St. Petes, Ferg’s is still allowing parties with up to 10 people to come in, so bring your friends—and your masks!

Ferg’s Sports Bar wasn’t picked as number 1 in Sportingnews.com’s “Best Bars to Visit Near 30 MLB Stadiums” for nothing, as it is so much more than a bar, they also have a dog park. Now dog parks can also be nerve-wracking for dog owners, but Ferg’s has implemented plenty of rules to keep everyone safe. Dogs must always be accompanied by owners and every person must always be accompanied by a dog. Dogs also are required to wear a collar and be licensed and immunized. Ferg’s cares so much about these dogs that they even have a menu for your furry-friend! So along with your friends, make sure you bring your puppies too.

Don’t have a dog, but are looking for something new and fun to do with your friends or family? Ferg’s also offers St. Pete Axe & Ale: an outdoor axe throwing venue! This is the only axe throwing venue in all of the bay area that offers food and drinks—what more could you need? This is a great idea for anywhere from birthday parties to work team bonding. So come enjoy a Rays game, brings your friends, and try the best wings in St. Pete at Ferg’s Sports Bar