If you're like me and you LOVE to brunch, chances are your Mom does too (have you turned into your mother yet? Because I totally have). You should pay her back for all those years of listening to you whine with a scrumptious and classy brunch experience, and there's no better place for that than Marchand's Bar & Grill at the historic and beautiful Vinoy Hotel. Sadly, my own beloved mamma is playing in a cut-throat Mah Jongg tournament down in Del Ray Beach this Sunday, but I'm still heading to Marchand's to quaff some mimosas and Bloody Marys in her honor. 

Brunch is more than just the words "breakfast" and "lunch" all mashed together - it's the perfect excuse to enjoy a lazy Sunday with your friends and fam while grazing at a stupefying spread of fattening yet delicious vittles and more carbs than you can shake a stick at. It's also really the only socially acceptable chance to swig champagne and vodka-laced gazpacho during the day like it's your job without feeling all guilty about it.

My mouth is already watering like whoa when I ponder the yum-mazing menu Marchand's is offering up this Mother's Day. And I love any excuse at all to head over to the "Grand Lady of the Bay", as the Vinoy is known in certain circles. Fun fact: during the early 1920's when the Vinoy was being built, archaeologists were just beginning to uncover the wonders of ancient Pompeii. Vinoy architect Henry L. Taylor was influenced heavily by the vibrant Pompeian colors of red, blue, black, and yellow, and the gorgeous original murals can still be seen at Marchand's today. Rumor has it that Jazz Age ghosts still roam the chic, high-ceilinged halls of the Vinoy, so enjoy a lovely brunch with your Mom and maybe do some ghost hunting for dessert!

Ok, back to this unbelievable menu. The cheese and charcuterie station will feature artisanal local honey and cheeses, handcrafted cured meats, pickles, and pâté. The incredible smoked fish and raw bar offers up king crab (drool), pastrami salmon (I don't know what that is, but I want it right now), shrimp, and smoked mussels and scallops. Delightful! The usual brunch suspects like eggs any style, buttermilk biscuits & chorizo gravy, andouille sausage, and peppered bacon will also make an appearance, as well as a very impressive array of salads for you healthy folks... I must say, I'm highly intrigued with the arugula, grilled watermelon, and feta salad - definitely going to try that! Fresh baked bagels, muffins, trifles, cakes, and croissants pave the way for my personal favorite, the meat station, featuring coffee-crusted strip loin, citrus baked whole snapper, and a mouth-watering chicken Osso Buco cacciatore. Top all that off with a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar, and you have the absolute best brunch experience EVER.

Don't miss out - be sure to make your reservations right now so you can impress your darling Mama with pretty much the most fabulously swanky brunch in the Bay area. Call 727-824-8072 or visit the Vinoy Renaissance website to snag your table at Marchand's Bar & Grill ​for Mother's Day this Sunday!