By: Kaylani Levine

Balmy summer days in Florida don't stop us from needing a warm pick-me up to get started, or keep going. Iced or hot, however you like your coffee some of us can't start our day without it.When it comes to your daily cup of Joe, you want to make sure it's just right. Chain coffee shops are nice but why  not try some personalized one of kind coffee from some of these great coffee shops in New Port Richey.

These coffee shops in New Port Richey have what it takes to give you the added boost you need to make it past that "2 o'clock feeling.We at 727 area love to support local businesses and communities. These coffee houses in New Port Richey give you a sense of community and local entrepreneurship.

Town Ground Espresso Cafe- How about enjoying live music with your daily caffeine fix? Town Ground Espresso Cafe not only offers free wi-fi to go with your daily coffee, but they also have live music too! You can catch live music weekly at various times of the day. Town Ground believes that coffee shops, should follow an old school philosophy;a place to meet and connect with others. Tucked away in family friendly neighborhood, that makes it a perfect place to visit when you are looking for things to do in New Port Richey with family or friends.

Hydeout Cafe- This is the place where "friends meet friends". Offering Barnes coffee and a decorated breakfast and lunch menu,you'll have no problem kicking back and enjoying a good cup of caffeinated goodness.Hideout also does catering for parties and events. Daily trivia contest allow all customers a chance to win a free lunch, that's if you think your smarter than a fifth grader!

Oasis Coffee Spot- The upcoming Oasis Coffee Spot promises to offer a variety of freshly brewed coffee, teas, hand made soda, and yummy snacks. Although they are new to the area, don't be afraid to stop by to enjoy a place of refuge from your busy day to day activities.

Whether you like your coffee with sugar and cream, plain black, or something a little more fancy, coffee shops in New Port Richey have you covered. So don't fret coffee lovers, these coffee shops are here to save you from your sleepy sorrows.