By: Sally Baker

Clearwater, Florida is known for its white sandy beaches, seafood restaurants, beachfront hotels and everything you could think of for the perfect Floridian vacation.  For the traveling coffee lovers out there, you would think that the giant chain coffee shop, that shall rename nameless, would be the only place to enjoy a perfectly roasted cup of coffee.  Although it may be a bit more difficult to find cozy coffee shops in Clearwater, it is not impossible.  In fact, we've done the work for you...

New Harmony Coffee & Tea - Arguably one of the most popular coffee shops in Clearwater; New Harmony Coffee & Tea offers a welcoming and warm environment to accompany their freshly roasted coffees.  You will want to try one of the cookies or pastries made here to pair with your latte, cappuccino or other coffee blend as well. A must stop for any coffee lover in Clearwater, from visitor to locals alike!

Cafe 421 - If you want to enjoy a down home breakfast with your hot cup of coffee, head to Cafe 421.  They are known for serving up some of the best breakfast options in Clearwater along with their coffee that hits the spot every time.  Success is found in consistency, and Cafe 421 serves an amazing cup of coffee without a hitch!

Cafe Q - This lovely Cafe is open for both breakfast and lunch that is frequented by many regulars who keep coming back for both the food and coffee.  Sure you can sit and enjoy just a coffee, but if you're hungry, this is the perfect destination.  The next time your hungry and need a caffeine kick, skip the unhealthy fast food chains and visit one of the friendliest places to find coffee in Clearwater at Cafe Q.

If you want a quality cup of coffee that isn't overpriced by giant chains, visit one of these coffee shops in Clearwater, Florida and even grab a quick bite.  Let us know what you think by rating and reviewing the ones you have visited, because it is your opinion that matters!