By: Andrew Silverstein

Let's be honest here.  Most Mexican food in America is cheap.  Maybe that steers some people away from it, maybe it doesn't.  But, even if you're vaguely familiar with your neighborhoods culinary landscape, you know cheap prices don't always mean cheap flavor or quality.  Sometimes the food's even better than the high-end, ultra-modern places that'll easily charge 20 bucks a plate.

With that in mind, there are a ton of great Mexican restaurants in New Port Richey that'll never break the bank.  Here are our five favorites.

Estela's - Enjoy a wide variety of country and family style Mexican at Estela's on U.S. 19.  They serve up a lot of authentic Mexican, but if you want something a little more inventive, Estella's provides with menu items like their Mexican chicken egg rolls -chicken, frijoles, corn and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla, deep fried and served on a bed of lettuce and chopped tomatoes - and shrimp fajitas.

Carmelita's - Carmelita's has been a 727 area institution for over 25 years now.  Their inviting, casual atmosphere is a great place to kick back and enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine.  Enjoy all-you-can-eat tacos os Tuesdays from less than 10 bucks or dine on a wide variety of classic Mexican cuisine including tostadas, burritos, chimichangas =, and more.

Golden Tequila - If you're looking for fresh, inexpensive, and quality Mexican fare, then Golden Tequila is your Mexican restaurant in Largo.  Enjoy a wide variety of classics from tacos to burritos, chilis relenos and more.  Can't pick just one?  They've got a ton of combos you can choose from so you get a little bit of everything.  To top it off, a mariachi band performs in-house every Thursday night.

El Rancho - El Rancho is the place for big portions of fresh authentic Mexican.  Enjoy sizzling fajitas right off the grill or one of their specialty menu items like tacos pastor with three pork tacos in corn tortillas stuffed with cilantro, grilled onions, and pineapple.

Tijuana Flats - The service is fast at Tijuana Flats (think Panera-style but with Mexican food) but the food definitely doesn't suffer a bit.  Sit back and revel in the quirky, casual decor as you look over their hot sauce bar featuring over 40 hot sauces from sweet to insanely hot.  The menu is loaded with customizable tex-mex classics including quesadillas, flautas, burritos, tacos, and much more.