All real foodies know that the most tasty food comes from the back of a truck! So if you're sick of waiting for great food at a sit-down restaurant or want a quick bite to eat of quality food, St. Petersburg has a variety of delicious food trucks. There are many must-try food trucks in the area, so we’re going to tell you why you have to try each one and where you can find them. 

St. Pete Taco Lady

This vibrant food truck is hard to miss when you pass it on the street. With loud neon flowers all over her truck, The St. Pete Taco Lady will have you intrigued at first sight. This eclectic mix of Mexican and American flavor-filled tacos are made fresh and fast with local ingredients that will satisfy your every taco craving. In 2018, they were named the best food truck in St. Petersburg, so you know it’s a must-try! 

Heavy’s Food Truck

Heavy’s Food Truck serves up some of the best soul food in the Tampa Bay area, and because their food is made and served out of their truck, they’re constantly on the move! The owners have 31 years of combined culinary experience, so when they discovered they could take their passion on the road, Heavy's Food Truck was created.

They offer up everything from beef dishes to hearty chicken meals that leave you satisfied for a long, long time. And if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, they serve a good share of veggie dishes for you to enjoy soul food as well! Stop by for delicious soul food that will leave you full until you’re craving Heavy’s again!

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Anju Korean Gastrotruck

Anju is a sleek, dark blue truck with fun and colorful art patterns running across it, which doesn’t surprise me because they come from St. Petersburg. They serve six dishes and some Korean food a la carte.

Their most popular menu items are the K-Pops and the BAP Bowl. The K-Pops are boneless Korean fried chicken in either a soy garlic sauce or a St. Pete heat sauce. The BAP bowl is a Korean bibimbap bowl with beef bulgogi, steamed rice, carrots spinach, sprouts, and kimchi topped with BAP sauce that you can add a fried egg to for an extra $1.

The Oko Tots made pickled red ginger are unusual yet amazing. They’re topped with Japanese mayo, okonomi sauce, aonori, smoked bonito flake, crumbled bacon, and scallions as well as pickled red ginger. Their attention to detail is apparent in their presentation, so be sure to bring your phone on lunch break to impress your friends on Snapchat!

VanChetta Food Truck

If you’re a fan of slow-roasted pork, then you’re automatically a fan of VanChetta Food Truck! They even have a meal deal, so you can order a side with your meal for a free drink. Their menu includes three slow-roasted pork sandwiches called the Vanchetta, Porchetta ‘n’ Sauce, and the Porchetta Fresca. They also offer chicken sandwiches and burgers for those of you who don’t like or can’t eat pork.

If you’re dieting, they even offer three different salads! Keep that beach body all year long and give one a try! For sides, they have papas bravas and a vinaigrette slaw. Stop by and check it out the next time you’re in St. Petersburg for the best slow-roasted pork in Pinellas County.

The Cheesesteak Truck

Most of us believe that a cheesesteak is a killer sandwich, but the owners of The Cheesesteak Truck in Downtown St. Pete are native Philadelphians who believe it’s deserves better. Tom Bradley, who owns the truck, and his family believe that eating a cheesesteak is an experience rather than just a meal.

After 20 years of dreaming about opening an authentic cheesesteak joint in the Sunshine State, The Cheesesteak Truck was born in 2012. For the past seven years, they've been spreading their love of authentic Philly style cheesesteaks in Tampa Bay. 

When it comes to their menu, they buy only top-quality steak served on fresh Amoroso's Rolls from Philadelphia. They always offer three cheese selections: American, Provolone, and their signature Fondue Cheddar Cheese. All sandwiches are cooked to order, hot and fresh!

Got Lobstah? Food Truck

As a Bostonian, just the name of this food truck immediately brings me back home. They serve up some of the most authentic Maine Lobster rolls in the Bay, and to see where they will be next, follow them on Facebook.

Alongside the Lobster Rolls, they offer Maine Lobster Fry creations that are mouth-watering good. Everything they serve has copious amounts of fresh lobster, including their lobster mac and cheese and buttery Maine lobster popcorn. Got Lobstah? is a great place to check out for my fellow Bostonians who are missing home. 

The Surly Mermaid

Just on the other side of the bay, The Surly Mermaid serves up six different American beachside dishes from their green and aquamarine truck that looks like it came right from the sea! They steadily hand their long line of customers Shrimp Po' Boys, but they didn’t forget about the meat lovers or vegetarians with their Pork Stack sandwiches or their Veggie Muffuletta.

Their Shrimp Po' Boy is filled with golden tempura fried shrimp, remoulade sauce, shredded lettuce, and tomato on homemade surly bread. The Pork Stack includes Carolina pulled pork, shoulder bacon, gouda, and fried onion straws all on a brioche bun with a mustard drizzle.

For vegetarians, they serve up a portobella mushroom, roasted eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers with herbs, garlic, olive oil, and gouda on a brioche bun called the Veggie Muffuletta. For dessert, The Surly Mermaid has unicorn horns or fresh donuts… if you’re still hungry!

These food trucks in St. Petersburg will satisfy every foodie. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of sorts, join the Foodie Community on 727area for more delicious content.

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