Tinder, Bumble, Grindr or Hinge, whatever dating apps you’re using we know that you’re meeting new people on them. Meeting up with a date from online can be scary. You might be thinking about the MTV show “Catfish” the entire time you’re waiting for your date to appear. However, most of the time, your online match is standing by thinking the same thing.

Be safe and meet them somewhere public for the first time. It not only allows for a swift exit if you are getting Catfished but it also gives you and your online match other things to chit chat about while you’re trying to get to know each other better. 

Here’s our list of the best date spots in St. Pete where you can finally meet your online match, comfortably. 

Park & Rec

Don’t let your match think you’re boring, have them meet you at Park & Rec in Downtown St. Pete so you can play games and show them your fun side. With giant beer pong and Jenga, your match will see you in a good light… as long as you’re not too competitive. Gaming on a first date is fun because you get to learn a lot about the person you’re meeting up with when you have fun activities to complete together. The conversation won’t go stale when you’re accomplishing something together. 

The Canopy

Meet your online match for happy hour at The Canopy by the waterfront in DTSP. Not only will you get to see them dressed in something nice, but you will also get a glimpse of what they’re like when they’re having fun. If the conversation ends and you aren’t feeling it, at least have them grab a cute picture of you for Instagram. After all, the backdrop is gorgeous! 


Meet your match for a quick bite to eat at Bodega on Central for authentic Cuban food and in my opinion, the best Cuban sandwich in Tampa Bay. Since you like this person enough to meet up with them, you likely know them well enough to eat a great meal with them! Take them to Bodega and no matter what diets they are or aren’t on, there will be something delicious on the menu waiting for your arrival! 

Green Bench Brewing Company

If either of you are beer connoisseurs or potential brew-masters, then head to the beautiful Green Bench Brewing in Downtown St. Pete for your first date. You can taste new beers together and sit on the lawn while you chat and get to know each other. Who knows, you might even book a second date! 

Five Bucks Drinkery

Nervous to meet your match and want to make it casual by bringing along some friends? Five Bucks Drinkery is a great place to get to know each other in a group atmosphere. Who knows, your bestie might even meet a match during a night out! 

Locale Market

The Locale Market in Downtown St. Pete is a great place to meet someone because it’s so public and there’s enough to choose from where you know both of you will be satisfied. Locale Market is a curated grocery experience cultivated over great food and decades of friendship. As longtime culinary collaborators, the owners built this space as a spot to meet up with friends to enjoy great conversation. Sounds like the start of a modern-day fairytale to me! 

The Lure

To make sure you pick the right menu for a first date, it’s important to choose a restaurant that serves it all! My favorite menu in Downtown St. Pete for a first date would have to be The Lure. They serve deliciously-fresh sushi, flavorful tapas, and strong drinks! Stop by today and get a little tipsy with your online match! 

Mandarin Hide

If you want your date to think you’re sophisticated and even a little edgy, take them to happy hour at Mandarin Hide. Your match has expressed an interest in drinking bougie cocktails, so at Mandarin Hide they’ll feel right at home. Thus bustling and trendy bar mixes old-school specialty cocktails in a retro-style atmosphere. Perfect to impress! 

Dali Museum

Eating on the first date can be tricky if you don’t know what your online match prefers for food. However, you can take them to the Dali Museum and see some unique art instead! Located right on the water in Downtown St. Pete, this world-renowned art collection will show your match that you are a polymath, meaning educated and cultured. 


Looking for more suggestions for date night? Check out the things to do guide on 727area.com. After all, we are your free and local guide to Pinellas County.