When considering the best places to live in St. Petersburg Florida, it is hard to narrow them down to just one area. Downtown St. Pete has its advantages just as the St. Pete Beach area does. St. Petersburg real estate is very affordable currently, and St. Petersburg apartments are some of the most reasonable in the country. Many families are relocating to this area, both because of economic factors and because the schools are excellent.

Young adults enjoy the Downtown St. Pete area for the nightlife, restaurants and shopping. Many of them have jobs in the downtown area as well as top paying jobs. Since St. Petersburg apartments are so affordable, this area is an excellent choice for young professionals.

Families who have children who are still elementary school students have 74 different choices for schools. This really opens up the options for the best places to live in St. Petersburg Florida. While families with elementary school students can live in the downtown area, one of the suburbs would probably be the better choice. The shopping is great virtually anywhere in the St. Pete area and even sections of the city that aren’t located in downtown St. Pete have excellent restaurants. The adults in the family can realistically have jobs in Downtown St. Pete and simply commute each day.

While nightlife is best downtown, the west-central part of the city also has some great music venues. This section of the city would be a great choice for families with young children. Their parents can hire a babysitter and have the occasional evening out to experience some fun nightlife without having to fight the downtown traffic.

The west side of St. Pete has some excellent shopping choices with the Tyrone Mall as well as small, independent shops. Just about anything a person could want can be found in this area. St. Petersburg real estate is quite affordable on the west side as well.

Compared with the rest of America, St. Pete has a lower cost of living and many more amenities for the money. This is a fantastic place to live! In fact, the best places to live in St Petersburg Florida range from St. Pete Beach to just about anywhere.