If you find yourself in Clearwater and looking for a bar that blends the best of sports, craft beers, spirits, and more in a fun, modern setting, The Hideaway is the place to be.

This contemporary bar in Clearwater has positioned itself as the prime destination for all these things and more since it opened just under a year ago.  That's kind of the Hideaway's Charm, there's a million different elements to this bar, but somehow, they all work in some sort of weird harmony.

First, there are the drinks.  The Hideaway offers a respectable assortment of craft beers both on tap and in bottles.  In addition, there's a modest wine menu and a full bar's worth of all the standard spirits for mixing.  You can even get specialty beer cocktails, also known as loaded beers, that come mixed with various liqueurs and spirits.

The Hideaway takes their cocktails seriously, too.  Many specialty cocktails at The Hideaway come in chilled cocktail glasses with unique liquors and fruits like pomegranate, lychee, orange, and pineapple.

Then, there's the entertaining atmosphere.  Step into the Hideaway in Clearwater and you'll be surrounded by walls with old rock memorabilia and other trinkets as well as flat screen TVs playing all the big sports games.  The Hideaway also touts a handful of pool tables and video arcade games perfect for adults, kids, and adults who act like kids of all ages.

Sound like your kind of bar?  Check out the Hideaway in Clearwater soon, then let us know what you think with your own rating and review on The Hideaway 727area business listing.