Calling all gamers to Downtown St. Petersburg! If you have a hard time sitting still while you’re out and about with your friends, there are bars with games to keep you entertained in the area.
Whether you’re into Esports and are looking for arcade-style games have a couple of options for arcade bars in St. Pete and Clearwater. If you’re into games that get you moving, Downtown St. Petersburg has a few different choices for you as well. So no matter what kind of gamer you consider yourself, we have a bar on this list that you need to check out!

Right Around the Corner

Right Around the Corner is Downtown St. Petersburg’s only arcade brewery. What is an arcade brewery? Well, at Right Around the Corner, they brew their own local beers and have an array of gaming devices for you to entertain yourself while you drink.

Some of their most popular and brewed in-house beers are the Linkin Lager and the Summer Sippin. Stop by Right Around the Corner and reminisce about the good, old days when you had pinball machines and pool tables in all of your favorite restaurants and bars. 

Park & Rec

Also located in Downtown St. Petersburg is Park & Rec, the ultimate destination for group games and oversized beer pong. Yes, that's correct, I said oversized beer pong! They have an outdoor patio that's covered in turf and filled with trash bins so you and your friends can chuck a ball from one side to the other and try to get it in the bins.

Park & Rec also has some arcade games and a photo booth inside the bar for those of you who are better with on-screen games. They’re opening a Tampa location soon, too, so be on the lookout for news of the opening date on 813area

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Vector Bar & Arcade

The Vector Bar & Arcade has the largest variety of games out of this entire group of Arcade Bars in the 727area. Located in Clearwater, there are more than 30 different games and gaming consoles to choose from. With pinball as their focus, they have ten different varieties of the game we’ve all grown up playing and loving.

The most unique thing about Vector Bar & Arcade is that you can play Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation Classic, SNES Classic, and NES Classic games to your heart's content. For the ESports community, this is the bar you must check out! 

The Vortex Bar and Game Room

Right on the edge of Downtown St. Petersburg lies a full bar and arcade that offers classic board and video games to enjoy with bottled beer, wine, and 15 taps. If you’re headed out after Taco Tuesday at one of the Red Mesa Restaurants, then stop by The Vortex Bar for karaoke as they invite the public in to sing their favorite hits all night long. They’re also proud of their spiked seltzer collection of White Claws, Truly's, and High Noons, so stop by for a refreshing drink and some games any day of the week.

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Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill

Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill is a good spot to check out if you’re going to a Rays game, and you can play your own games if you want to watch the Rays on TV. Ferg’s serves up some mean wings and burgers, but they also have a large selection of local beers to choose from. If you’re looking to play some games with your S/O at the bar, try their darts boards and pool tables for some low-key entertainment during the seventh inning stretch. 

Sports Bar & Grill

After 29 successful years in business, Sports Bar & Grill continues to grow a base of regulars each year. With over 37 big-screen TVs, they broadcast all of the big games on their screens, so stop in and watch a game and play one, too!

For games, they offer pool tables, four Bull Shooter Darts Boards, FREE Buzztime Trivia, Texas Hold 'em Poker, and cornhole tournaments. Stop by for the next big game and get competitive with your friends or family!

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