Craft breweries in Florida are hot commodities to the state, bringing in over 22,000 jobs while using better ingredients and providing a unique space for fellowship and drinks. One of Florida’s best craft breweries is the acclaimed 3 Daughters Brewing.

3 Daughters Brewing sits smack dab in St. Pete’s art district and much like their eccentric location, 3 Daughters Brewing brew house stands apart from the rest. Live music weekends, food trucks and affordable growler fills are just the beginning to what this local brewery has to offer on both a community and a national scale. 

3 Daughters Brewing’s owner and operator Mike Harting tells his passion for good beer in a 2016 interview on their YouTube channel

“Our goal is to be one of the ten emerging strong regional breweries,” Harting said. 

Even if you live outside the Tampa Bay Area, you can still enjoy the crisp, consistent taste of 3 Daughters Brewing lagers, ales, IPAs and more. Since its grand opening in Dec. 2013, 3 Daughters Brewing has extended its reach across Florida, Georgia and even the Bahamas. 

To bring great tasting beer to people from all walks of life, 3 Daughters Brewing signed with esteemed retailers in the southern region of the U.S. You can purchase a six pack from Publix Super Markets, enjoy a glass of Beach Blonde Ale at the Busch Gardens Wine and Food Festival and drink around the world at Disney's EPCOT, too. 

Photo courtesy of Mickey Views on Flikr

3 Daughters Brewing promises to never run out of beer and to always maintain the same great taste, which can be a hard feat to accomplish. With their in-house laboratory, however,  3 Daughters Brewing  manages to not only keep that promise, but to exceed it. Tours of the brewery and laboratory are open to the public and allow visitors to get an inside look at how 3 Daughters Brewing  beers are made. If you would like to schedule a tour, call (727) 495-6002 today.

Photo courtesy of 3 Daughters Brewing official website  

3 Daughters Brewing hosts weekly events that are a hit for the local community. Grab your growlers every Thursday for the brewery's Growler Fill Specials. Fill your 32 oz growler for $ 7, your 64 oz. growler for $10 dollars or your gallon growler for $12.

You can find live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 3 Daughters Brewing, accompanied by different local food trucks each night, too. 3 Daughters Brewing takes care of their loyal patrons, providing a fun and entertaining atmosphere for all. 

Photo courtesy of 3 Daughters Brewing official website

Between their eclectic atmosphere, popular reach and top quality beer, 3 Daughters Brewing has something for everyone. St. Petersburg locals and out of town beer lovers alike can enjoy the fresh taste and quality of 3 Daughters' brews. 

Connect with 3 Daughters Brewing on our 727Area page and keep up to date on all 3 Daughters Brewing events by going to their Facebook pageGo beer!