Caddy’s on the Beach is the hotspot on Sundays, or any time someone is looking to drink on the beach in St. Petersburg. Ok, it’s not technically St. Pete Beach, but it’s just north on Sunset Beach. Many rumor that there is no drinking allowed at Caddy’s Beach, but because it is private property, these rumors are nothing more than that… rumors.

Caddy’s has a wonderful indoor and outdoor patio bar with a beach that houses volleyball, bikini contests and yes, drinking. Many beaches along the coast have made it illegal to drink on the beach, leaving locals and tourists with little options as to where they can enjoy a cocktail on the sand.

Thankfully, not only does Caddy’s allow drinking on the beach, they often have entertainment so exciting that includes celebrity visits from reality stars Nikki Galladay and Amber Meade from Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. So don’t worry about the rumors you hear that say there is no drinking at Caddy’s beach, because they own their own sand and allow you to enjoy your cocktails, play some volleyball or just mingle with the hottest people in Florida!