What makes a great bar to you?  Live music? Elegant ambiance?  Good drink specials?  Probably a little of each, right?  We'd like to think the best bars in a city have their own, unique charm.  They're not faceless and forgettable, just blending in with all the other businesses; they're bold, they're concepts, and they're loved by the regulars who frequent.  Here's five St. Pete bars that do just that.

The Garden - The crowning achievement at the Garden, aside from their wide assortment of drink-age, has to be the live music.  Legendary, nationally-renowned trombonist, Buster Cooper  has been playing regular gigs there for over 15 years.  If that's not your thing, their separate Lobby Martini Bar gets music pumping almost every night of the week with reggae, top 40, hip hop, and more.

Ferg's - Ferg's is the king of sports bars in St. Pete.  Situated right across from Tropicana Field where the Rays play, this mega-bar is the perfect pit stop for before, after, or during-game libations.  In addition to watching the game on the big screen, you can enjoy great drink specials, live music, and great bar food like wings and burgers.

The Independent - The Independent is the bar for beer lovers or anyone willing to have their mind changed about what a great beer can be.  Contemporary and spacious with great outdoor seating, the Independent is a hub for college kids and young professionals in Downtown St. Pete.  Enjoy hard to find beers like Delerium Tremens, Rochefort 8, and Old Engine Oil.

Push - Push is the kind of place where you dress up and head out in style.  Not to say it's all uptight and boring, though.  Boasting 2 stories, a huge dance floor, outdoor patio, and rooftop deck overlooking St. Pete, Push is the place to be if you want to feel like a celeb and/or just dance the night away to some top 40, hip hop, house, and more.

The Undertow - You can't have a best bar list for St. Pete without mentioning at least one bar on St. Pete Beach.  The Undertow, around for 21 years now, has seen a lot of those come and go, so we've got to say it reigns supreme.  With the beach as their backyard, the Undertow knows how to provide a good time with live music, great food, and inventive cocktails.  Try their "Adios Motherf---er", Juicy Fruit bubblegum, or liquid cocaine drinks and see what we're talking about.