By: Andrew Silverstein

Much like its neighbors across the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg will soon have its own microbrewery akin to Tampa greats like Cigar City Brewing and the Tampa Bay Brewing Company.  Dubbed The St. Petersburg Brewing Company, this small microbrewery could soon be well on its way to local greatness much like its Tampa craft brew brethren.

The St. Petersburg City Council has heard and been largely receptive towards voices in the community advocating city code accommodations so microbreweries like the St. Petersburg Brewing Company can flourish in the area.  This means the small microbrewery has a big opportunity to make an impression on the impressively expansive craft beer scene in St. Petersburg.

For now, their flagship brew, the St. Petersburg Orange Wheat can be tasted at The Ale and the Witch, Crowley's, and the Burg Bar all in Downtown St. Petersburg.  The St. Pete Orange Wheat is just the first of many beers the brewery aims to produce in the next few months.  Stay tuned here at as we'll keep you updated on all the exciting developments from the burgeoning St. Petersburg Brewing Company.