By: Andrew Silverstein

Bartending's got to be one of the best jobs in St. Petersburg for a young adult looking to get the best of both "work" and "play" worlds.  Your work, essentially, is play, or wait, the other way around?  It doesn't matter.  What does is that bartending is a high-energy, sociable, and in-demand job in the tourist- and nightlife-heavy area.

Bartending jobs in St. Petersburg abound.  That doesn't mean they're easy to get, though.  First of all, you need real, verifiable experience.  Bartending, sadly, isn't just some McJob you can just gain quickly for your own convenience.

If you have none, there's a few ways to gain it.  Try applying to your desired bar as a barback or some other bar-involved job that isn't bartending.  This way you'll be close to the action and able to pick up on what it takes to be a good bartender.  You'll show management your worth and, hopefully, get promoted to bartender soon after.

Or, you can attend bartending school.  There are two across the bay in Tampa's Westshore District; ABC Bartending School and American Bartending School of Tampa.  Both of these will give you the skills and training you need to gain a bartending job in St. Petersburg.  They typically cost 300-500 dollars, but if you gain a decent bartending job, you'll be able to make this back in a weekend or two.

If you've got the employable experience under your belt, ask your desired bar if you can can come bartend for a trial run on a slow night during the week.  Call and text your friends and tell them to come out to show you can bring a crowd.  If they're impressed, you just might get hired.

Of course, these are only a few tips.  Do more research, find the right bars, and be on your way to a great bartending job in St. Petersburg today!