A great Tampa Bay hotel has been returned to its former grandeur, and will be ready to welcome guests for the first time in decades when it reopens in Dunedin this October.

The Fenway Hotel reckons back to the 1920s, a time when jazz music was king and radio stations ruled the airwaves. Appropriately, musicians, along with artists, politicians and other noteworthy travelers, often overnighted here and the historical building served as the home for the first radio station in Pinellas County.

A local landmark, the hotel had fallen on hard times and seemed destined to be forgotten and remain forlorn until Mainsail Lodging & Development, a Tampa-based hospitality company, came to its rescue and restored it to the beautiful boutique property it is becoming.

The multimillion-dollar transformation is in partnership with the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA which has its headquarters located behind the hotel. Grand opening festivities for the society’s International Center Florida are set for Nov. 3.

A full-service hotel, the Fenway features 83 guest rooms and suites, a signature restaurant, HEW Parlor & Chophouse, Hi-Fi, a rooftop venue boasting its own bar and views of the St. Joseph Sound, a resort-style pool and lots of lawn area that will be ideal for croquet, badminton, yoga and private events.

Meeting space, waterfront views from many vantage points and an attention to decorative detail that includes repurposed jazz instruments displayed in the lobby and musicians’ trunks doing duty as nightstands in guest rooms will capture the true spirit of the jazz age as well as captivate visitors.

Here's a rundown of places to meet and eat at the hotel:

Caladesi Ballroom
Elegant ballroom with windows and outside terrace.
2,296 square feet

Scanlon Room
For meetings or intimate receptions.
540 square feet

Bowles Room
Perfect for board or committee meetings.
270 square feet

The Lawn
Write your own score with sunsets and water views.
10,800 square feet

Pool Garden
An upbeat courtyard vibe nestled in the heart of the hotel.
1,500 square feet

The Veranda
A grand entrance with views of The Lawn and glimpses of St. Joseph Sound.

Hi-Fi Rooftop Bar
Semi-private space perched above it all.

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Photos courtesy of Fenway Hotel.