A team at St. Pete-based Meridien Research, led by Dr. Gigi Lefebvre, is conducting extensive research into teen and adult acne. Residents may apply to participate in the study at no cost.

Picture it: you roll out of bed, yawn, stretch, and head into the bathroom to brush your teeth. You flip on the light and... that's when you see it. The dreaded pimple.

Whether it's been a few decades since your bout with teen acne, or a matter of hours since you last experienced a breakout, it's a familiar scene for many of us.

Almost everyone experiences some skin irritability at some point in life, from the hormone-driven teenage years to chronic cystic acne that persists into adulthood. That's where Meridien Research comes in.

Paving the way for a Smoother Tomorrow

Dr. Gigi Lefebvre and her team at Meridien Research in St. Petersburg, Florida are working tirelessly to solve the common dermatological, or skin-related, affliction of acne, affecting millions of people. 

Meridien Research-led studies hone in on topics like acne for adolescents, rosacea and actinic keratoses in adults. In fact, Dr. Lefebvre's team conducts dozens of studies and trials centered around dermatology conditions each year. Overall, "we have conducted more than 1,800 clinical trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and contract research industries," explains Dr. Lefebvre.

Sounds Awesome! How Do I Get Involved?

Dermatological research studies are being conducted in several locations throughout the state of Florida, but residents of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Clearwater, and the surrounding area can contact the St. Petersburg clinic to find out how to sign up and participate in the Acne Research Study. 

Once enrolled, volunteer participants in dermatological research are carefully evaluated by medical professionals and physicians conducting the study.

To find out specific information about the St. Petersburg Acne Study or how you or a loved one could participate, please visit Meridien Research or call 727-347-8839. 

Insurance is not necessary to qualify for participation in the Meridien Research Acne Study in St. Petersburg, Florida. In fact, research study volunteers may be eligible for compensation related to time and travel. All costs for this dermatological medical research are covered by a sponsoring pharmaceutical company.

The Necessity of Acne Research Studies

"The skin is the largest organ of the human body," Dr. Lefebvre points out. "We often take it for granted, but diseases of the skin can be a cause for embarrassment and low self-esteem, and can even be life-threatening. Meridien Research strives to advance knowledge of these conditions and aims to offer patients options for treatment, both old and new."

Any interested parties who would like more information regarding Meridien Research's clinical research acne studies may call 888-777-8839. Alternatively, visit the Studies page of the Meridien Research website. Click the link then the Website button on their Business Page to learn how you can get involved. (all photos provided by Meridien Research)