CrossFit has become an extremely popular form of fitness in St Pete, with over 50 CrossFit gyms throughout the Bay. CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that incorporates elements from several sports and types of exercise. So, how do you know where to go when you want to try out this fitness craze? 

Well, we’ve done the research for you! In St. Pete alone, there are tons of different gyms that offer CrossFit workout classes. So we made a list of the best Crossfit gyms in St. Pete, perfect for CrossFitters of any experience level. 

Our list contains CrossFit gyms with 4.5+ stars on Google and Facebook. Head to one of these gyms the next time you want to try this high-intensity workout. 

CrossFit St. Pete

Get your blood pumping at CrossFit St. Pete! Located near Downtown St. Pete, this expert gym will make you feel comfortable as a beginner. When you first arrive, they will do a quick tour of the facilities and give you a free fitness assessment. During the assessment, they will ask you about your specific fitness goals and help fit you in the right classes to achieve said goals. They will also run you through a few drills to see how you move and get a baseline of what you need to accomplish, step-by-step, to achieve your goals. At CrossFit St. Pete, they use the basic CrossFit methodologies such as diet, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weight lifting, and sports to get your fitness where you want it to be. All of their classes are 60-minute coach-led classes that give you a quick warm-up followed by movement and demonstration for the workout. Be sure you’re using the correct form and movement as the coach supervises every movement you perform during your workout. Sign up today and get fit in no time! 

CrossFit 727

Right in the middle of Downtown St. Pete is CrossFit 727, an expert and result-driven exercise program that is broad, general and inclusive. Their regimen consists of functional movements and constantly varied combinations at an extremely high intensity. They offer classes for every experience level so if you’re a beginner they will suggest you start with their beginner class that is Monday-Thursday at 7:30 p.m. This class focuses on skill-development and gives each participant a baseline course in the basic movements of CrossFit. At CrossFit 727, they firmly believe that mechanics are the foundation of anyone’s CrossFit journey. If you’re nervous to do a group class, they also offer 1-on-1 classes during the beginning stages of your CrossFit journey. Their new 727fit classes focus on weight loss, muscle building, and toning. These are great for people who already consider themselves avid workout folks.  Some sample movements you might find in the 727FIT classes will include box jumps, jump rope, kettlebells, planks, plate presses, pushups, rowing, squats and so much more. Stop by today to continue or begin your CrossFit journey! 

Burg CrossFit

With two Tampa Bay locations, Burg CrossFit, keeps Pinellas County fit! Their Pinellas Park and Downtown St. Pete locations have more than 250 members, but this big gym still has a small gym feel. They built their facilities with an emphasis on community and genuine friendship. When it comes to getting fit they focus on whole-person health, working out your entire body with each workout. With their killer CrossFit coaches, they strive to keep their clients limber mentally and physically with their in-house therapist, mental health therapist, nutrition coach and more! They offer a large variety of courses from their foundation's course to private training, you are invited in with open arms no matter your experience level. I mean, everyone starts somewhere, right? Come in and see why Burg CrossFit is one of Pinellas County’s best functional fitness facilities.


At CrossFit9, they are proud to be more than just a gym! They are a CrossFit gym and Olympic weightlifting destination but they pride themselves on being St. Pete’s friendliest fitness family. 

For beginners, this is a great first-experience gym for CrossFit. They say, “We’re the first step on your road to real results. To a better, stronger, fitter you— no matter what that looks like. No judgment. No excuses. Let’s get to work.” All they expect from their new members is an open mind and a willingness to work hard. When you first sign up, they give you a free fitness consultation where they assess your fitness level and experience with CrossFit movements and talk to you about your goals. They suggest starting their program with a few one-on-one lessons with a personal trainer or check out their 9HIIT conditioning classes. During these classes, they will teach you the CrossFit basics and bodyweight movements like pull-ups, lunges, box jumps, and kettlebells. Stop by St. Pete’s friendliest fitness family to get started today! 

CrossFit Skyway 

At CrossFit Skyway they give you two options when you first walk in the door. You must either select, “New to CrossFit” or “Experienced CrossFitter” because that way they can help you get into the right program for your goals and experience level. If you’re new to the CrossFit journey, they suggest you take a 30 minute “No Sweat Intro” where they will teach you the basics and give you a tour of their world-class training facilities. If you’re experienced in CrossFit but need a new facility, they will have you join their monthly program where you take classes with constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. They combine lifting and weight training into the classic cardio CrossFit workouts. These 60-minute classes will have you breaking a sweat! Stop by and sign up for a free consultation today! 

We hope this list of the best Crossfit gyms in St. Pete will help you get moving toward a more active you! Check out our Fitness Community on 727area to keep up with everything local in fitness. 

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