As Tampa Bay’s first live escape room, Tampa Bay Escape Room is taking entertainment to a whole new level. Read how Tampa Bay Escape Room Has Entertainment on Lock Down

If you’ve never heard of an escape room, it’s a type of game to play where you register and pay ahead of time to participate in a specific themed scenario (Tampa Bay Escape Room currently offers the Music Vault, Kidnapped and in the works is Cabin in the Woods!) where you’re “trapped” (an emergency button exists if the experience is too intense) and must use clues provided in order to find your way out of the room within 60 minutes. While you can schedule a solo slot, certain stipulations apply. Most folks prefer to go through in groups (typically 2-8 people) and surprisingly, many companies use these experiences as team building exercises!

Longtime Clearwater resident and Tampa Bay Escape Room founder Jean Varn played in several escape room scenarios herself on a national scale before deciding to create her own experiences in Clearwater. Varn has been close to the entertainment industry for many years and after setting off on her own business venture, expresses no regrets. 

The lobby is dark and cool with a leader board of record escape times, none under 20 minutes. Varn explained that these records were made by groups who really knew what they were doing! She continued that the rates of escape varied, but commonly 20% or 40% escaped in the 60 minute time allotment, depending on the scenario.


Also in the lobby is the check-in counter, merchandise for sale, benches to sit on and puzzles that will tease your brain and get you warmed up for the experience to come! 

Varn warns that the experience tends to be lost on younger children, thus they focus mainly on ages ten and up. A parent or guardian signature is also required on their waivers for those under eighteen. 

For pricing info and times, visit their website to schedule your escape today!