Local and exotic, offering both expediency and an excellent experience for the whole family Saint Petersburg's beautiful Sunken Gardens, opened in 1935 continues as a beautiful oasis and plays home to some of Saint Pete’s oldest plant life! Showcasing beauty in Saint Petersburg for 82 years, how long has it been since you've visited this magical place?

Sunken Gardens affords weary city dwellers and tourists a wonderful way to get in touch with nature and appreciate the authentic and organic beauty of Saint Pete! A long time favorite 'getaway,' here's what you will see.


Wildlife, beautiful birds such as flamingos and cockatoos! And Mindy, a cockatoo rescued by the gardens! Register on 727area to stay connected as Sunken Gardens hosts events, such as this past Saturday’s “Colorful Caladiums” event, or the soon to happen “Wild for Wildflowers” on September 9th, where kids can learn how to make a wildflower seed bomb to grow plants and attract wild birds!

Events are often Free with Sunken Gardens admission or membership, and the perfect way for your little ones to learn about local flora, fauna, and wildlife firsthand. Let them explore Sunken Gardens spectacular 'backyard".

The Gardens staff can assist with information on how to beautify your yard, maintain indigenous plants, and draw butterflies to your oasis. Check out the “Easy Natives and Wildflowers” event on September 30th! Partnering with Sweet Bay Nursery, Sunken Gardens brings you a presentation by owner, Tom Heitzman, as he discusses which native flora is best for your home to attract birds and pollinators!

Also, keep an eye out for their family-friendly events in October, like “Wicked Plants and Creepy Crawlies,” a hands-on activity for your little ones as they get the chance to see carnivorous plants and take home a worm compost jar!

On tap, this fall is a “Fall Succulent Wreath Workshop,” where participants use cacti in beautiful autumn colors to decorate a wreath for the season!

Note: Some of these events require pre-registration, so head over to Saint Pete’s Sunken Gardens 727area business page for more information!

Admissions to Sunken Gardens for adults is only $10, and for children, it’s less than half the price! Call today or visit theirwebsiteby clicking Sunken Gardens and hitting the Website button. It's always a fun filled day with nature at this beautiful attraction showcasing the zen of St. Petersburg for nearly a century. (all photos from Sunken Gardens Facebook photos.)