As many of you know, June is Pride Month where all people have the opportunity to celebrate and learn more about the LGBTQ+ community. With that comes lots of parades, events, concerts, fundraisers, memorials, brunches, and beach parties. The ever-growing St. Pete Pride Festival attracts about 50,000 people every year, and is one of the largest, if not the largest pride event in Florida and is one of the major festivals in the Southeast. Hotel availability in the Downtown St. Petersburg area is fleeting so they do plan on a large crowd. If you're planning on participating, keep that in mind.

List of Pride Events

Wednesday, June 20th: Stonewall Reception at Museum of Fine Arts
Thursday, June 21st: Kickoff Party at Kimpton Zamora Hotel
Friday, June 22nd: SPP Concert at North Straub Park
Saturday, June 23rd: Parade and TransPride March along Bayshore Drive.
Sunday, June 24th: Street Festival in Grand Central District Association.

The Pride Mission

"The purpose of St Pete Pride is to promote unity, visibility, self-esteem and a positive image of and among the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community of Tampa Bay and throughout the State of Florida by way of cultural and educational programs and activities." 

The Pride events are for the LGBTQ+ community to promote understanding and education, as well as celebrate their strides in stride, with pride. We could all use a little more love and a little more equality these days so please, if you plan on attending be respectful so that these events can remain peaceful and fun for all. Bring your best attitude, your best-dressed, and your best game face as it will be a Pride party to remember! 

For more things to do in St. Pete, register at 727area and find more events like this and ways to get involved in your community!