By: Andrew Silverstein

Forget the boring stereotypes.  A day at a good museum can be a transformative experience giving you fresh perspective on anything from the lifestyle of ancient cultures to the wars that built and destroyed the empires throughout human history.  You've got quite a few to choose from in St. Petersburg, but in terms of size and variety of exhibitions throughout the year, the Museum of Fine Arts definitely takes the cake.

Located on Beach Drive in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg, the Museum of Fine Arts opened in 1965 and still stands as one of the largest and architecturally beautiful buildings in St. Pete today.

Multiple exhibits are typically featured at any given time in the museum, giving you a little variety to choose from.  Currently, the main exhibit is The Human Touch: Contemporary Art from the RBC Wealth Management Collection featuring 46 large-scale paintings, prints, and photographs depicting humans and the conditions in which they live(d).  This exhibit features work from notable artists including Roy Lichtenstein, Susy Gomez, and Willie Birch.  It runs from now until September 4th.

Alongside The Human Touch, the Museum of Fine Arts is also hosting an exhibit entitled New Folk: Contemporary Self-Taught Art from the Collection featuring classic work from some of America's best-known folk artists.  Prominent themes of this collection include religion, spirituality, pop culture, politics, current events, and more.  Notable contributing artists include Buddy Snipes, Juanita Rogers, and Howard Finster.  This exhibit also runs until September 4th.

The museum also has a full-service restaurant, the MFA Cafe.  Stop in before or after exploring the exhibits and enjoy a variety a panini sandwiches, soups, salads, and more.  Some people head to the museum just to eat at the cafe, which is fine.  You don't have to pay admission to dine there.

If you're looking for a truly unique museum experience in St. Petersburg, the Museum of Fine Arts is the place to go.  Head out there and see for yourself!